The International Committee for Artists' Freedom (ICAF) was formed in 1978 by the governing Council of Equity the UK performers' union. The ICAF was, and continues to be, made up of individuals representing all sectors of the acting profession who, while offering a diversity of knowledge and experience, share the same commitment – to campaign on behalf of overseas artists facing oppression and emergency aid situations.

Since its inception, ICAF has taken up the causes of artists and groups of artists from many countries all around the world who have faced either censorship, exile, persecution, imprisonment, torture or even death. Each case is assessed individually, impartially and apolitically and all decisions taken are based purely on professional and humanitarian considerations.

The International Performers' Aid Trust is a charity for the relief of poverty amongst people involved in the performing arts in distress in all parts of the world. IPAT's decisions are made on professional and humanitarian principles, without political bias. To find out more about these projects please click here.

The Trust will endeavour to supply such aid and encouragement as is appropriate, for the preservation of the life and health of those working in the performing arts suffering from poverty and distress to enable them to continue to develop and nurture the imaginative faculty which is the heart of drama, music and artistic performance.