The Roberto Cimetta Fund, the Russian Theatre Union and Arts Network Asia are launching a joint open call for travel grants from 1st June to 30th June 2015. This joint call aims to provide easier access to travel grants and promote mobility of artists and cultural operators for the protection of cultural diversity and the development of local art scenes. Set up in March 2015, the Ibn Battûta Artistic Alliance aims to group together funding and regranting organisations in an effort to widen the possibilities of exchange.
This first joint call is open to artists and cultural operators living and working in Russia, Asia, Europe and the Arab geographical zone who have their own projects and need to travel but cannot find the funds for their round-trip ticket and visa costs. It will be launched on 1st June 2015 for one month (deadline for applications: 30th June 2015).
To apply, please read the following instructions
Only the following geographical routes are currently eligible:
Russia inbound from Asia only for the Theatre Convention in September 2015, City of Khabarovsk. To apply click here
Asia outbound from Russia only for major events in the performing arts sector only in which a Russian participant brings an input into the event (presentation, report, etc.). To apply clickhere
Travel within Asia1. To apply click here
Circulation from the Euro-Arab geographical zone to Malta and vice-versa, or within the Euro-Arab geographical zone for collaborative work specific to Malta. To apply click here
Circulation from or to the County of the Bouches du Rhône (France). Circulation from Algiers, Gyumri, the Region of Barcelona, Haïfa, the Province of Genova, Marrakech, Bethlehem, Tunis to destinations within the Euro-Arab geographical zone. To apply click here
Further Information
More details on the call can be found on the websites of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, the Russian Theatre Union and Arts Network Asia,,