I Make That Happen (IMTH) is for forward thinking people who want to organise events and workshops from specialist providers such as their favourite teacher, guru, choreographer, director or mentor and bring them to their desired country / city with a low financial risk thanks to advanced purchase through IMTH .  It also allows teachers to work their way around the world and guarantee their fees upfront.The 5 step process is easy.

• Start a campaign, say how much you need and by when
• Publicise it to like minded people
• They pledge their interest by buying a ticket (fee stays in their PayPal account until the campaign reaches its target)
• If you reach the target the workshop or happens
• If it doesn't everyone who pledged gets their money back from PayPal.
Simple As That!

All you need to do now is go to www.imakethathappen.com watch the videos and register your interest, pre-launch,  and we'll send you information about our opening offers and keep you updated about our launch day.