Hybrid Theatre Works is proud to present one of the first pieces of Egyptian theatre to emerge from the Egyptian uprising: Ibrahim El-Husseini's Comedy of Sorrows. It follows a young university-educated Egyptian woman who, through a series of encounters with different members of society, comes to realize that she had been oblivious to the poverty and misery of her fellow Egyptians. The play presents a collective and unsentimental account of a nation’s awakening, through a unique combination of vivid poetry and colloquial dialogue. It celebrates the uprising of a people, while at the same time anticipating the uncertainty and tumult of a nation struggling to transition to democracy.

Comedy of Sorrows Now showing 

Dates: August 21-25, 2013 @7PM every day

Written by: Ibrahim El-Husseini

Directed by: Tracy Cameron Francis

Translated by: Rebekah Maggor and Mohammed Albakry

Featuring: Najla Said, Adi Hanash, Lily Balsen, Paul Kelly, Gordon Kupperstein, Bobbac Kashani, Celeste Muniz, Laura Riveros, Sara Oliva, Raphael Eilenberg, Youness Tahiri*Equity approved showcase

HERE, 145 6th Ave (Enter on Dominick, 1 Block South of Spring)

August 21-25, 2013 (5 performances)

All tickets are $15. For Tickets & Information, visit: here.org or call 212-352-3101

This production was made possible with the support of The Puffin Foundation,Alwan For the Arts, as well as over 50 individual donors. Please consider joining them in bringing this important play to life by making a tax-deductible contribution that will go directly to supporting our hard working artists.