We work primarily through our website: www.theatrewithoutborders.com. But, in addition, we create gatherings of artists around urgent themes, always in partnership with host organizations.

We are, above all, a mechanism for the free exchange of information and conversations between individual theatre artists around the world. We are the independent, affiliated and unaffiliated theatre artists in the US and abroad who want to talk to each other and share information person-to person, artist-to-artist. We believe that this single idea has enormous power in a world where information can come at a price in some countries, or where politics and bureaucracy too often mediate communication with others.

We want to speak with other organizations and individuals that serve and work in international theatre exchange. We’re made up of people who see the work in many different ways and are not partial to any particular viewpoint. We support them all. We want to keep the connections alive and growing.