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July 711, 2009 

Presented by:
the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities

It's all the way live in Washington, DC. How exciting for us to bring the Festival to the nation's capital while a black man is in the oval office for the first time. Who knows? Maybe President Obama will come through.
Nita Liem will work with DC choreographer Holly Bass and four local dance companies to create Dance Party: a marriage of theater and dance club. Don't miss this two-night internationalevent that will come to life at Danceplace.

Nita Liem's Dance Party

The Voices Remix: A People’s History of the United States (National Project of Howard Zinn) is a unique collaboration set to ignite and honor the activists, dissenters and progressives from America’s vibrant history as read by today’s hottest talent. Fashioned as a night of theater, it will fuse multi-generational artists and performers to celebrate the courageous agents of change who gave birth to the most powerful generation yet.

The Voices Remix features Howard Zinn, Walter Moseley, StacyAnn Chin, Reggie Cabico, W. Ellington Felton and DJ Earth, who will provide the live score for the evening.  

Howard Zinn and Kerry Washington in
Set in our nation’s capital, Zomo the Rabbit is a contemporary, high-energy take on an African tale. Zomo the Rabbit calls the Sky God (on his cell phone, of course) and raps that he wants the ultimate prize of wisdom. Sky God gives him three tasks: 1) get the dance shoes of Big Fish at the DC Waterfront; 2) get the spray paint can from Wild Cow at the National Zoo; 3) get the turntable from DJ theLeopard in Adams Morgan. Zomo succeeds in trickster fashion, but it’s only by sharing the prizes he’s won that he invents hip-hop, leading all the characters to celebrate their African American culture together. Enjoyed by Ages 4+ 

 Zomo the Rabbit in search of wisdom

All events and performances throughout the festival are
free and open to the public.
 Funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, an agency supported in part by the
National Endowment for the Arts.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.hhtf.org/