Tuesday, May 5th at 10 AM
City Hall
We need YOU to stand with Belarus Free Theatre on May 5th. Meet us at City Hall at 10 AM to demand justice. Fill out this form to receive important up-to-date information on our demonstration.
Belarus is the last country in Europe that has not yet abandoned the death penalty. On May 5th, La MaMa will partner with Belarus Free Theatre for a bold public demonstration called Give a Body Back. Students and artists in white body bags lay in public protest of capital punishment and Belarus’ policy of not returning bodies to their families. Today there are many innocent political prisoners in Belarusian jails, and many more who have been released but who were not rehabilitated and cannot live normal lives.
The award-winning Belarus Free Theatre was founded in 2005 under Europe’s last surviving dictatorship. Many of the company’s members have served time in prison, lost their jobs, gone into hiding, or been exiled.
Join Belarus Free Theatre, The Public Theater, Casey LaBow (Free the Nipple; Twilight Actor) and La MaMa to protest unjust capital punishment policies. Fill out this form to confirm your attendance and receive demonstration updates. You are an important member of the La MaMa community and we want you there. Please share this email with your people!
Mia Yoo
Artistic Director
La MaMa