Gen Z Global Stage is a new pilot program being created through Florida Stage’s educational outreach series, Young Voices.   Gen Z is an effort to cultivate a web dialogue among young artists across the globe, and to facilitate artistic collaboration using digital technology.  The web-based exchange will culminate in a multi-media theatrical piece at Florida Stage on April 26, 2010.  


Founded as The Learning Stage, Florida Stage was founded in 1985 with a commitment to educational outreach and community.   In that spirit, playwright and filmmaker Robert Goodrich will work with students from across the world to discover through artistic collaboration the experiences and qualities that make us different, and those that make us the same. 


Young artists will use assorted websites and software applications, such as Gen Z’s own Google Group, YouTube account and Skype, to talk about subjects that interest them, and to exchange and collaborate on theatrical scenes and monologues, short films, music, dance, and performance art.  The project has tentative starting date of November 1st, 2009.


Gen Z Global Stage will consist of activities designed to encourage communication and collaboration.  Along with discussions in our Google Group, we will:

·         engage in story-building exercises such as Exquisite Corpse []

·         create projects built around universal themes, such as  “a day in your life”, “my greatest hopes”, and other subjects important to the participants.

·         generate collaborative dance pieces, short films, and photo montages; as well as performing scenes and monologues written by others.

We are looking for students and young artists that:

·         are interested in artistic collaboration

·         can speak and write in English

·         are a junior or senior in high school (or equivalent, 16-18 years of age)

·         capable of committing the time necessary to develop and maintain correspondence and collaboration with other young artists, as well as time needed to create approximately 5 individual projects


If, after reviewing the details of your project, you can assist us in finding international partners – or if you have any questions – you may contact me or our Director of Education, Heidi Harris ( 


We look forward to hearing from you.


Warmest Regards,



Robert Goodrich

Media Arts Specialist

Florida Stage

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Heidi Harris

Director of Education

Florida Stage

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