Dear friends,

Just got back from Juliano's funeral. He was buried in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe on the east side of Carmel Mountain, next to his mother, Arna. The crowd was quite big. Some say about 2000 people, who gathered in this very small cemetery.  Jew and Arabs stood next to one another. The ceremony was conducted in Arabic and in Hebrew. The speeches were very moving.

Especially moving was Juliano's 12 years old daughter Mei Lai, whose broken voice shed tears from the eyes of many in the crowd. All the speakers talked about Juliano's mission, his unique leadership and unique achievements. There was a strong sensation of solidarity among the participants. This is at least what I felt.

The Arab-Jewish Theatre in Jaffa will have an evening dedicated to Juliano a On Friday April 8.Please, reads this powerful article in Haaretz:

As very little has been written about Juliano's death in the world press – here's another article from Haaretz. You might find it interesting.


Motti Lerner

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