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1. World Children's Festival 2011, Washington DC (June 17-19) From: Art4Development.Net
2. Short film contest open From: Tropfest Arabia
3. Creative Spirit Art Centre Invite From: Creative Spirt Art Centre
4. Working for Change –  Exhibition From: appartement22
5. Arts journalism fellowship accepting applications [Worldwide] From: USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Progr
6. The Muhr awards for Arab, Emirati, Asian and African films accepting From: Dubai Film Festival
7. one-minute video contest From: CIME
8. XIIIth General Assembly From: CODESRIA
9. Vacancy: Director From: The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation
10. STEM to STEAM From: Rhode Island School of Design
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1. World Children's Festival 2011, Washington DC (June 17-19)
Posted by: "Art4Development.Net" Art4Development.Net   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:29 pm (PDT)

Arts for Global Development, Inc is proud to be part of ICAF's Festival. Please join and suport ICAF this coming weekend!


Held every four years since 1999 as the "Olympics" of children's creativity and co-creation, the World Children's Festival (WCF) has evolved into the largest international children's celebration and a permanent quadrennial event in our Nation's Capital. Free and open to the public, the WCF attracts more than 15,000 attendees.

The WCF brings together our diverse communities around a shared concern for the future of our children, their health and education.

The WCF's educational programming integrates art and sport with STEM disciplines for children's holistic development. Eminent educators and field experts ranging from Olympians and professional artists to scientists and technologists host activities and talks to nurture children's creativity and develop their empathy in a global setting. The children help produce a complete synesthetic experience, a total work of art, by their dazzling performances, amazing art creations and displays, and their own workshops on issues they are most passionate about.

The WCF is a transformative experience where creativity and co-creation become building blocks for innovation and positive social change. The WCF empowers the children to shape the future and change the world.

For more info, program and schedules please visit:

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2. Short film contest open
Posted by: "Tropfest Arabia" Tropfest Arabia   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:29 pm (PDT)

Filmmakers, both professional and amateur, are invited to submit their work to the Tropfest Arabia to be held in Abu Dhabi in November 2011.

Tropfest Arabia, organized by twofour54 is an extension of Tropfest, which bills itself as the world's largest short film festival.

The film must be made specifically for Tropfest Arabia 2011 and may be no longer than seven minutes. Deadline for entries: September 22, 2011.

The contest is open to citizens from the following countries in the MENA region: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian territories (the West Bank and Gaza Strip) Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Preparatory workshops will be held in several Arab countries, upcoming dates include Jordan and Lebanon.

For more on upcoming workshops, visit the Facebook page

For more information, click here.

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3. Creative Spirit Art Centre Invite
Posted by: "Creative Spirt Art Centre" Creative Spirt Art Centre
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:29 pm (PDT)
[Attachment(s) from Creative Spirt Art Centre included below]

We will be running an exhibition for the June and July summer months.
Please come to visit to see the new art. I have attached an invitation so please take a look.

See you soon,

Creative Spirit Art Centre
999 Dovercourt Road
Toronto, ON
M6H 2X7
t. 416.588.8801
f. 416.588.8966
w. <>

Description: Blotterfly 2
Attachment(s) from Creative Spirt Art Centre

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4. Working for Change –  Exhibition
Posted by: "appartement22" appartement22   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:30 pm (PDT)

Spazio Punch – Ex Birrerie
Giudecca island

Vaporetto station Palanca;
access from Fondamenta S. Biágio

Working for Change
Project for the Moroccan Pavilion

Productions, meetings and exhibition projects.
2 June – 30 June in Venice.
7 June- 27 November 2011 at different places in Morocco on R22 radio.


Doa Aly
* 1976 Cairo, Egypt; lives there.
more info & photos

Ismail Bahri
* 1978 Tunis, Tunisia. Lives in Paris, France.

Gabriella Ciancimino
* 1978 Palermo, Italy; lives there.

Tomas Colaço
* 1974 Lisbon, Portugal. Lives there and in Tangier, Morocco.

Ninar Esber
* 1971 Beirut, Lebanon. Lives there and in Paris, France.
more info & photos

Alevtina Kakhidze
* 1973 Shdanowka, Ukraine. Lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Karim Rafi

Younès Rahmoun
* 1975 Tétouan, Morocco; lives there.
more info & photos

Batoul S'himi
* 1974 Morocco. Lives in Martil, Morocco.
more info & photos

Curator: Abdellah Karroum
* 1970 Morocco. Lives in Rabat, Morocco, and in Paris, France.
Biographical data – see below.
more projects in UiU

Working for Change is a research and action-based project that focuses on producing and sharing ideas in order to consider artistic production and its role in changing societies. Beginning in Venice and expanding to spaces in Morocco, this project explores connections between artistic production and social contexts. As curator Abdellah Karroum explains, "The example of Morocco is significant at both the artistic and political level, which are implicated in each of the proposed artworks. These works, which including several collaborations in Morocco with feminists as well as with activists, form this curatorial project's "practive" approach, joining the practice of art as research to its appearance as active production (practice + active)." Artists include Batoul S'himi, Gabriella Ciancimino, Ninar Esber, Karim Rafi, Tomas Colaço, and Younès Rahmoun.

In Venice, the exhibition space of Spazio Punch doubles as a project room, serving as a platform for the project's production and visibility. The spatial proposal offers tables as workspaces to artists and participants for exhibiting and discussing their contributions. The value of the table, whether in the exhibition space or in the private space, lies in its capacity as a project space for developing new projects, conversations, and collaborations over the course of the Biennale.

The project will be documented throughout its duration on R22 radio:

Curator: Abdellah Karroum
Born in 1970 in Morocco. Researcher and independent curato
r. Founded L'appartement 22 in Rabat in 2002 and has developed numerous projects including Editions Hors'champs and Le Bout Du Monde expeditions. Karroum has served as curator for the Biennales of Dakar 2006, Gwangju 2008, and Marrakech 2009. He initiated The Curatorial Delegation and the research laboratory Art, Technology and Ecology in collaboration with L'appartement 22 and ESAV-Marrakech.

Contact, more information:

Abdellah Karroum
L'appartement 22
279 avenue Mohamed V,
MA-10000 Rabat,

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5. Arts journalism fellowship accepting applications [Worldwide]
Posted by: "USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Progr" USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:30 pm (PDT)

The USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program is a midcareer education fellowship for six arts, culture and entertainment editors, producers and writers from online, print, radio and television. Typically one or two of the fellows come from outside the U.S.

The two-week fellowship, sponsored by USC Annenberg and The Getty Foundation, is a total immersion experience that includes attending performances , art exhibits and architecture sites.

The program provides the fellows with behind-the-scene experiences and interaction with artists who produce, curate, report on and/or write policy on arts and urban culture.

Deadline for the 2011 program has not been announced, last year's deadline was July 19. Send an email to to be added to the mailing list for updates.

For more information, click here.

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6. The Muhr awards for Arab, Emirati, Asian and African films accepting
Posted by: "Dubai Film Festival" Dubai Film Festival   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:30 pm (PDT)

Filmmakers from Asia, Africa and the Arab world, whose subjects are related to their regions, are eligible to submit their films to participate in the competition.

With the slogan of "Bridging Cultures, Meeting Minds," the Dubai International Film Festival organizes the Muhr competition that features 31 awards and more than US$575,000 in prize money in the categories of short films, features and documentaries.

Submitted films must have been produced after September 1, 2010. Deadline to apply is August 31, 2011.

The festival also invites filmmakers from around the world to submit their work and documentaries for out-of-competition screening. These films must not have been previously screened in the Gulf region.

Updates about the Festival, scheduled for December 7-14, are available on its Facebook page.

For more information,click here.

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7. one-minute video contest
Posted by: "CIME" CIME   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:30 pm (PDT)

The Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) has launched a new contest for one-minute videos about censorship, accuracy, truth (slander/libel), sensationalism and privacy.

The winner video will be the official CIME film for a year and will be invited to participate in a media ethics online training and be entitled to invite five friends to join the course.

CIME is a non-profit organization that brings together a network of journalists throughout the world to provide training, discussion and expertise in the ethics of their profession.

Media ethics is extremely important and we aim to share this with the rest of the world. In order to do so we welcome creative – not necessarily experienced – video makers to showcase their talent and original ideas that represent good media ethics at work.

For more information, click here.

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8. XIIIth General Assembly
Posted by: "CODESRIA" CODESRIA   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:30 pm (PDT)

XIIIth CODESRIA General Assembly: Africa and the Challenges of the Twenty First Century (Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011)

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, CODESRIA, will hold its 13th General Assembly on 5-9 December 2011, in Rabat, Morocco. The triennial General Assembly is one of the most important scientific events of the African continent. It provides the African social science research community with a unique opportunity to reflect on some of the key issues facing the social sciences in particular, and Africa and the world at large. The theme of the scientific conference of the 13th CODESRIA General Assembly is: Africa and the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century.

Proposals are to be sent by 31 May 2011 to
Web site:

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9. Vacancy: Director
Posted by: "The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation" The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:33 pm (PDT)

Seeking a new director

Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation seeks a new director to lead the operation, coordination and business of the Index art space. Index is a non-profit exhibition space that works with contemporary art in various ways. It is supported and run by a private foundation formed in 1998, with a board that holds ultimate responsibility. Among the financiers are the Swedish Arts Council, the municipality of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council. Index is a cutting-edge institution with a strong position both nationally and internationally. Since 2006, Index is located at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm.

The new director will succeed Mats Stjernstedt. As director, the position allows the freedom to propose and produce programs and exhibitions according to one's own vision, provided it remains within the economy and other existing conditions. Another key task is to continue work on the future funding of Index. The post is a full-time position for a period of three years, with the possibility of extension.

Application and qualifications

We are looking for someone with extensive and documented knowledge and experience of working with contemporary art, as well as a broad international network. The position requires excellent leadership skills, an artistic vision for Index and carries the responsibility for long-term financing.

For consideration, please submit your application no later than 1 August 2011, including CV, references and a description of your vision for the future of Index.

Applications should be sent to:

Information about the position will be provided via email at: < /p>

Members of the board
Lisa Torell, Chairman
Gunilla Klingberg, Vice Chairman
Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén
Saskia Holmkvist
Ulrika Karlsson
Robert Stasinski

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Posted by: "Rhode Island School of Design" Rhode Island School of Design   art4development
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:34 pm (PDT)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
3:00-4:00 PM

Rhode Island School of Design in cooperation with Representative Jim Langevin (RI-2) presents:


A briefing on kickstarting the national innovation agenda by strengthening STEM education with Art and Design
Gold Room (2168)
Washington DC

The speaking agenda will include a presentation by RISD President John Maeda.
Space is limited.
Please RSVP to Matthew Bengochea: / 401-454-6743 by June 17 For more information, please contact Kirtley Fisher in Representative Langevin's office: / 202-225-2735

About STEAM: America's ongoing focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as an essential component of national innovation needs art and design to gain STEAM. STEM + Art = STEAM.

Artists and designers humanize technology, making it understandable and capable of bringing about societal change. The studio method that is the hallmark of arts education teaches the flexible thinking and risk-taking that is needed in today's complex and dynamic world. The tools and methods of design offer new models for creative problem-solving and interdisciplinary partnership, introducing innovative practices of design thinking into STEM education and research. To realize this potential, scientists, artists and designers must develop new ways of working together and new modes of research and education.

About RISD: Rhode Island School of Design [RISD] has earned a worldwide reputation as the preeminent college of art and design in the United States. Today, with more than 26,000 alumni, RISD enrolls nearly 2,000 undergraduates and 400 graduate students from the U.S. and almost 50 countries, offering degree programs in the fine arts, architecture, design disciplines and art education. Academic programs include research and design initiatives, the exploration of art criticism and contemporary cultural concerns, as well as international exchange programs. Each year hundreds of prominent artists, designers, critics and cultural leaders visit RISD's Providence campus.

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