ShadowLight Productions is pleased to announce the release of our DVD Collection: EXPLORATIONS OF THE SHADOW WORLD A new DVD series on Shadow Theater by Larry Reed  Featuring  collaborations  with: Chen Shi – ZhengI Wayan WijaOctavio SolisRichard MarriotCharlie “Red Hawk” ThomAnd many others…  EXPLORATIONS OF THE SHADOW WORLD is the creation of internationally recognized shadow master Larry Reed, who became deeply immersed in Shadow Theater as he worked and studied with a Balinese shadow master over a twenty year period.   Since forming ShadowLight Productions, Reed has gone on to create an altogether new kind of living cinema, forming ensembles of writers, choreographers, composers, designers, actors, dancers, musicians and puppeteers.  Together they mold elemental light and shadow into richly told stories that investigate mythologies and fantasies from cultures around the world. This seven disc DVD set, thirty years in the making, chronicles the creation of ShadowLight’s unique visual and theatrical vocabulary, featuring major performances as well as short documentaries detailing the genesis of the individual shows.  These DVDs have been professionally filmed and edited with illuminating behind the scenes views, allowing a rare glimpse into how this astonishing, live shadow animation is achieved.  EXPLORATIONS OF THE SHADOW WORLD provides a unique resource for those interested in a variety of artistic and anthropological fields, including puppetry, theater, ethnomusicology, ethnic studies, and intercultural performance (particularly from Asian, Latino, North American and Native American cultures). Visit our E-store: See excerpts on YouTube: Distributed to institutions and individuals by ShadowLight Productions: <>   TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF OUR GREAT REVIEWS: "This collection of films, which are a delight to watch individually, together provide a larger sense of what shadow performance can at best make manifest: a shape shifting world where myth, music, and visuals stretch and shrink, moving us beyond appearances toward visions and essences."           – Kathy Foley, Asian Theatre Journal “The story unfolds with grace and fluidity as shadows leap and melt before our eyes.  The effect is Zen-like in its stark simplicity and pure power.”           – Erica Milvy, The San Francisco Chronicle "The illusion is massive, complex, and created by precise ensemble choreography.  Once it crossed my mind that I'd like to go backstage and see how it all worked, but the richness of the shadow picture was satisfying, I chose to remain an innocent."           – Marcia Siegal, American Theater  THIS SEVEN DISC SET INCLUDES: Shadow Master (1981) is a film Reed made in collaboration with his Balinese teachers about wayang kulit (shadow puppetry) at that period. Half ethnography, half narrative fiction, this colorful and moving portrait of Balinese life provides an appropriate and illuminating context for Reed’s later work with ShadowLight Productions. In Xanadu blends Tibetan, Chinese, and Indonesian theatre techniques to tell an epic Mongolian fantasy about Kublai Khan and his wife, Chabui, who were inseparable partners. The Wild Party is based on the Jazz Age poem by Joseph Moncure March with an original score by Bruce Forman.  It explores the American traditions of jazz, film noir, and poetry. Mayadanawa is ShadowLight’s first giant screen production to be created in Bali.  The performance featured 30 musicians, 20 dancers, and shadow casters from the village of Pengosekan, Ubud, who brought the show to life for the 1996 Walter Spies Festival.  Ambrosia of Immortality is a Balinese version of the Hindu myth The Churning of the Sea of Milk, where gods and demons join forces to create ambrosia and then fight over possession of it. Created with dalang I Wayan Wija and fifteen shadowcasters and musicians from Bali and San Francisco, the story was chosen by dalang Wija precisely because it lends itself to the immense scale and intense visuals that ShadowLight Productions has developed with its cinematic approach to the use of shadows. Coyote’s Journey is based on a traditional Native California Karuk tale, featuring Karuk elder Charles “Red Hawk” Thom, a hereditary ceremonial leader, spiritual teacher and outstanding storyteller. 7 Visions, written by the award-winning playwright Octavio Solis, explores the roots of Latino heritage and celebrates the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.  This highly original production is partly narrated through whimsical and wistful corridos arranged by Richard Marriott and performed by Cascada de Flores, with characters and scenery designed by Victor Cartagen   Explorations of the Shadow World (2006) 7 discs. 342 min. DVD: $700. 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