Information for application

What is it?

The initiative comes from the Maison d'Europe et d'Orient (MEO/House of Europe and the East), in partnership with Eurodram, the European network for theatre translation.


The core purpose of the festival is to promote theatre translations in Europe and in the neighbouring areas.

 Its aims are to:

·          support contemporary writing for the theatre and foster interest for theatre writing in the general public.

·         favour various approaches by organising public readings, and around them, the meeting of playwrights, publishers, translators or academics.

·         encourage opportunities for contact between the various audiences, the actors, playwrights, translators, publishers, stage directors, association members and events organisers.

·         unite all the participants across the countries around a common theme, during the same period.


The 3rd season will take place from May 17th to June 14th 2013.


How to be part of it?


There is no preliminary selection. Any theatre company, whether professional or amateur , can take part, and this in any theatre, hall, meeting-place on the European continent, in North-Africa, the Middle-East or Central Asia.


The only prerequisite is to present a contemporary play translated from any language from Europe or from its neighbouring areas.


Creations are not accepted.


The events can be:

-public readings-with or without stage directions,

-meetings or talks with European (or from neighbouring areas) playwrights, translators or publishers of theatre translations,

-symposiums, roundtables, workshops about theatre translation.

 The French-speaking companies that wish to present a text are welcome to contact MEO. We shall be glad to propose a broad selection to them.


Financial conditions

The participants will take complete financial and material charge of the whole process concerning the event(s) they wish to organise, including all the costs that may be incurred (staff, royalties, expenses for example).The festival will not be held responsible for any failure to pay, of whatever sort, related to any event presented in its programme.


Participants can ask for an entrance fee or not.



The events will be coordinated by MEO through a single document, common to all, as well as several electronic newsletters and a website.

The participants must commit themselves to circulate all the information related to the whole of the festival to their own networks.



 Applications are accepted until March 21st 2013 included.

 The following information will be required:

-date, time and location of the event(s),

-title of the play (in the original version and in the translation),

-names of the author, of the translator and of the stage-director.



 Antony Smal, coordinator – MEO / + 33 1 40 24 00 55 /

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