Res Artis Awards at Videobrasil

We were delighted to have been invited by Videobrasil to take part in their 18th Videobrasil Festival. Videobrasil was celebrating its 30th anniversary, so the opening week included a diverse and engaging set of screenings, the opening of an excellent exhibition of contemporary works, a robust program of discussions, plus lively performances. (And the programs continue until February, many live streamed. Visit here for more information.) 

The art exhibition, titled Southern Panoramas, featured works that exemplified the Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania. The programming organized by Sabrina Moura challenged us to critically consider our roles as cultural producers. Of particular interest to the field of residencies were two panels. One was titled “Hospitality and Policies of Mobility,” which featured presentations by Annalee Davis, director of Fresh Milk, Aaron Cezar, director of the Delfina Foundation, and Koyo Kouoh, director of Raw Material. The other was titled “Transnationality as Horizon” and featured Gabriela Salgado, independent curator, Ika Sienkiewicz, chief curator of a-i-r laboratory, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, and Mario A. Caro, president of Res Artis.

There were nine award winners at the festival. Two of the artists received Res Artis Awards. Laura Huertas Millan (Colombia) was awarded a residency at Arquetopia by its director Francisco Guevera and the other award was granted by Ika Sienkiewicz, chief curator of a-i-r laboratory, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, to Ali Cherri (Lebanon).  

We were honored to collaborate with our long-standing member and were glad to spend time with some of our other members there.  Of course the Videobrasil long-term success is due to the visionary leadership of Solange Farkas and her highly efficient, perfectionist, and attentive staff. They exemplified a practice of hosting to which we all should aspire. We are deeply grateful for their generosity and care.

Res Artis is about to present the Res Artis Residency Handbook.

With our ResSupport Residency Handbook we respond to our network’s expressed need for practical information regarding setting up and running a residency. This first version of the handbook is the manifestation of the vision and efforts shared by the Res Artis staff, our members, the Board, and our interns. Its content is meant to assist, inspire, and explain the challenges and impact of artist residencies around the world. Each of the six chapters provide explanatory texts, as well as samples and templates that have been selected as specific examples. These case studies were assembled from within our network as well as other residency organizations. These are the shared essential insights on How to Set-Up, Manage and Grow a Residency Program, and will be available only for members.

Welcome "At Home Gallery," our first Res Connect member!

Res Artis wants to be all inclusive within its membership; therefore, we started the Res Connect initiative, where donors pay the membership fee for an emerging residency program that does not have sufficient financial means to join our network. During November, a donor paid a 3 year membership for At Home Gallery, a not-for-profit contemporary art centre, housed in the historical synagogue of Šamorín, Slovakia, to become a member of our network! If your residency program wants to become a Res Connect recipient, please see the guidelines here.
If you want to help emerging organisations benefit from our network, consider making a donation and allow a residency program to benefit from our community.

Artist mobility and residency programmes: Opportunities and Challenges.

On 28th and 29th November 2013, Art Motile and the Gas Natural Contemporary Art Museumwill present a two day programme of talks, workshops and a roundtable discussion regarding artists mobility and residency programmes. Res Artis has been invited to participate with the aim to provide useful information to orient artists and cultural operators within the wide range of existing opportunities on artist mobility and residency programmes within our network.

Featured Members

Incheon Art Platform (IAP) (South Korea)

As a multiplex cultural arts center, Incheon Art Platform (IAP) is based on residency program. It hosts exhibitions, performances and concerts all over the year and runs various events and educational programs for general public. By supporting resident artists covering various genres, IAP aims to become the incubator for new arts creation and a core of contemporary art. IAP regularly runs two types of residencies for artists: (i) A regular residency, which is the basic form of the residency, comprises artist-in-residence, exhibitions and public events. Resident artists are selected every end of year and stay here on average one year. (ii) A project-based residency, which is arranged for temporary
projects in IAP. Artists, who are invited by IAP, take part in the projects from creation to exhibition during 2-3months.
Alto Residency (Brazil)

A L T O is an Arts-Residency Space held in Brazil within the mountains of Alto Paraiso, 230km from Brasilia. A L T O exists as a container for self-directed artists who wish to nurture their work through embracing the particularities of Alto Paraiso, surrounded by abundant raw nature, jungle & fauna and a powerful changing landscape which can inform or set new work production within an evident context of our connection with the land and sustainability.

A L T O residency provide a space for critical observation of the project, conceptually and technically

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