International Association for Sound and Audiovisual Archives annual conference Delhi: 7-11 Oct 2012

A growing proportion of the cultural legacy of the last 100 years is in the form of sound and moving image recordings. If your archive, library, museum, business or organisation is responsible for any aspect of the archival management of audiovisual material, or if you have a personal or professional interest in this important part of our heritage, then you could benefit from membership in IASA. Regardless of whether you are leading the way into the new era of digital mass storage systems, or continuing to use analogue technology, or perhaps you collect all types of recordings and formats, or you may be highly specialized – whatever your outlook or collection policy, it may be in your interest to become a member of IASA.

IASA's 2012 annual conference will be held from 7-11 October in Delhi, India. Please visit the conference website here.

Salzburg Global Seminar on Young Cultural Leaders

The Salzburg Global Seminar and National Arts Strategies (based in Alexandria, Virginia) will launch an annual leadership development forum for young cultural leaders from around the globe in October 2012. The Salzburg Forum will provide a unique learning opportunity for "next generation" cultural leaders from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The goal of the forum will be to help young practitioners improve their leadership skills to enable them and their organizations to thrive in a field characterized by rapid change, uncertainty, and limited resources. Each year, the Forum will bring together fifty young leaders from a variety of cultural institutions around the globe for leadership training focused on core competencies and themes such as: team-building, risk-taking, innovation, mentorship, technological savvy, collaboration, articulation of mission, stamina, involvement in civil society, managing relationships, and future vision. The carefully crafted program will mix theory and practice and will draw on the knowledge and experience of recognized international experts, who will join panels and facilitate workshops during the five-day gathering

The participants will have a minimum of three years of professional experience and be approximately twenty-five to thirty-five years old. They will come from all continents and represent a broad spectrum of cultural expression and artistic endeavor – from dance, music, and theater to visual media, museums, and festivals. The participants will remain connected with each other and will also be encouraged to connect virtually with each year's forum. The Salzburg Global Seminar, known for its global convening power, will team with National Arts Strategies, a non-profit organization specializing in leadership development in the cultural sector. The intention of the annual forum is to strengthen the leadership capacity both of individuals and of the field as a whole, while at the same time enhancing international understanding and cultural exchange through a vital, new global network of young cultural leaders.



Physical Theatre Lab: Steiermark, Austria

December 14 – 21 2012. Steiermark, Austria

The International Lab is open to performers from different creative genres and techniques inspired by Physical Theatre as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to contemporary theatre performance. The lab working language is English.

There are several Scholarships: each scholarship amount is 300 EUR and covers the part of the participation fee. Programme and Application details: http://www.iugte.com/projects/physicaltheatre

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Adishakti Annual Workshop 2012

Workshop Dates: November 1-November 10 2012 and Nov 27-December 6 2012

Founded in 1981 Adishakti is a performance company engaged in the research and reanimation of traditional knowledges in theatre, dance, music, movement and craft forms — with a view to creating a contemporary hybrid aesthetic and performance language. Over the years it has evolved a largely physical craft for feeding the physical, vocal and psychological expression of the actor based on certain physical forms like Kalaripayattu the Kerala martial art form, breath practices for psychological expression used in Koodiyattam a form of classical Sanskrit Theatre and the rhythm patterns of music which accompany Koodiyattam performance. Although all these forms are rooted in a specific cultural context Adishakti has endeavored to seek out the fundamental principles underlying these practices to make them applicable to a wide constituency of performers: those from different cultural and aesthetic contexts and from different kinds o
f contemporary and traditional performance.

The workshop aims to equip the participant in the basics of this physical craft and to be autonomous in applying and extending this praxis towards their own performance practice. For the full schehdule of the workshop log on to Workshop Schedule

or contact Vinay Kumar at vinayadishakti@gmail.com/phone: 09443389962