Jana Sanskriti's 'Muktadhara'

Dear Friends,

This is a special request from Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed. We are going to organise our bi-annual festival called Muktadhara in the month of December. This year is also our 27th year of existence in a way this is going to be a very special moment for all of us in Jana Sanskriti, we want you to be by our side to celebrate together the 27 years of Jana Sanskriti. Last date of registration is 15 August, 2012. Please contact us on janasanskriti@gmail.com for details on how to register. Please note that the festival will begin with the workshop where participants will form groups. Each group will perform Forum plays in the performing part of the festival which will begin just the day after workshop is over. Looking forward to meeting you in Jana Sanskriti.

With love and in solidarity,

Sima Ganguly

Renuka Das

Satya Ranjan Pal

NB: Please forward this mail to your friends.

Cultural audiences Conference – Barcelona 19-20 April 2012

Dear friends

From the group of museums articketBCN, in Barcelona, we are organising this conference on audiences in culture, for professionals working in all cultural sectors. The main subject is how different cultural institution (specially musems) with lots of tourist as their main audience, reach out to local audiences. And from there, the strategies to favour the habit of culture going at local level.

As participants, there will be Steven Slos, cultural coordinatior of the city of Bruges, Paul Mosterd, deputy director of the Hermiatge Amsterdam, Berta Sureda, from the National Museum of Art Reina Sofía in Madrid, Marina Chinchilla, from Museo del Prado in Madrid, Anne Krebs from the Louvre Museum, Marta Clari form the cultural institution of the city of Barcelona, and Karen Bath from the National Gallery of London, among others.

We hope this programme can be of your interest, and we would appreciate it very much if you could resend it to those you might consider could also be interested.

Best regards,

Maria Ribas