Seeking 360 ideas from historic cities in Asia & Europe

Do you live in a heritage city or historic urban area? Then the Asia-Europe Foundation would like to hear from you…
…on how governments, NGOs, businesses and communities have successfully collaborated to sustainably conserve and promote local heritage where you live.

The most innovative examples of Public-Private Partnerships  received from heritage cities will be featured here on and showcased at the 5th Culture Ministers’ Meeting of the Asia-Europe Meeting this September in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where governments will discuss ways and means of effectively
“Managing Heritage Cities for a Sustainable Future”

The Asia-Europe Foundation would specifically like to hear how the public-private co-operation has successfully worked in your city to conserve its heritage and history. Examples may refer to the conservation and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings or the promotion of environmentally-sustainable cultural tourism. Perhaps there is a good example of the revitalisation of a heritage city through creative industries where you live. These are the kinds of good practices being sought.

Some questions that you are invited to answer while presenting a good practice from your city include :

  • What makes you particularly proud of this initiative?
  • What kinds of positive changes has it yielded for your city? 
  • How has the sustainability of the initiative been guaranteed? 
  • How did the local community ensure effective engagement with governments and businesses?  
  • What were the main challenges faced? 
  • Is this model you would recommend to other cities? Why? 
  • Do local or national policies in your country support public-private collaboration in the field of heritage management?


We are also particularly interested in examples that address the protection and promotion of intangible heritage in the context of historic cities and urban landscapes.

Send us your examples in this PowerPoint template to latest by 30 June 2012.

Responses are invited from all member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). See list of member countries here.

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