Are you 18-28 years old? 

Are you excited about reaching out to people through the medium of theater? Do you want to start a venture that will impact people in your home country? Then apply for the unique one year D&F Academy Theater Project with German director Nils Daniel Finckh and other eminent experts.

Come to the D&F Academy Hamburg for ten weeks and learn how to write and stage a theater piece. During the subsequent ten months you will create your own venture in your home country as part of the D&F Academy DreamMaker Program.

Starting in April 2013, up to 20 Fellows from all around the globe will learn from the Project Friend Nils Daniel Finckh how to create a theater play and how theater can facilitate positive social change. As a Fellow, you will have the unique opportunity to meet experts and practitioners – from actors, directors, and writers to costume designers and activists – to learn about all aspects of creating a play, and about the social impact that theater can have when it addresses both current and universal issues. At the conclusion of your ten weeks in Hamburg, you will return home and, with the support of the innovative online curriculum and an experienced mentor, implement a project idea you are passionate about.

The prestigious D&F Academy Fellowship is a unique opportunity for young people aged 18 to 28 who are eager to make a change. To apply for a D&F Fellowship for the Theater Project, you must submit your application by January 7th, 2013 at

Theater Project

Up to 20 international Fellows will come to Hamburg for 10 weeks in April 2013 to learn how they can reach out to people through the medium of theater. During the following ten-month period, they will implement their own ventures at home, applying the newly earned skills and inspiration and with the support of the D&F Academy.

Challenge Phase (April 2013 – June 2013)

Each D&F Project is centered around a Challenge, a hands-on task given to the Fellows by the Project Friend, which they will work on as a group on during their ten weeks in Hamburg. In the course of the D&F Academy Theater Project, they will write, rehearse and stage a multilingual play together with Project Friend Nils Daniel Finckh. The focus of the play will be identity and love; a reaction to the new challenges our notions of individual and national identity face in an increasingly globalized world.

The Fellows will bring their own experiences, artistic creativity and imagination, and will have the opportunity to learn from practitioners about all aspects of writing and staging a play. In the process, you will not only learn more about yourself, but also experience the impact that theater can have on society.

Next to the Challenge, the Fellows will participate in three courses:

The ChallengeLab is centered around the Challenge and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully fulfill it. The course not only covers project specific knowledge from Nils Daniel Finckh and other experienced professionals from the field, but also skills in project management and team leadership, taught in sessions run by D&F Academy staff.

The MediaLab is an interactive and hands-on course in which Fellows learn to use different media, especially video and blogs. The course enables Fellows to reach a broader audience for their ventures by creating their own websites and filling them with good quality content.

The DreamLab, an innovative start-up course, is based on values and skills that are crucial for the Fellows to plan and implement their ventures and thus to positively impact society. The course is ongoing through both Phases. A key milestone for every Fellow is the presentation of the DreamPlan at the end of the Challenge Phase in Hamburg, which then becomes the basis for its implementation during the ten month Implementation Phase in the respective Fellow’s home country.

Implementation Phase (June 2013 – March 2014)

The 10-week Challenge Phase in the D&F Academy Hamburg is followed by the 10-month Implementation Phase in the respective Fellow's home country. The Fellows implement their DreamPlans making use of the knowledge they gained throughout the Challenge Phase and with the support of the D&F Cloud, the D&F Academy’s online learning platform.
During the ten-month Implementation Phase, Fellows take part in the online curriculum and are coached, mentored and advised from the D&F team as they realize their own project! This way, the ongoing mutual exchange between Fellows and alumni is also fostered.

Applications deadline is January 7, 2013 (10 am, CET).

All information and more is available in a PDF file, please click here to download it.