DAH Theatre Summer Institute

Every year DAH Theatre Research Centre offers an intensive two-week program of events and practical workshops designed for both actors and directors using contemporary theatre techniques. Dah Theatre Institute (originally named The International School for Actors and Directors) is now running in its 13th season.


DAH Theatre Research Centre 

 Marulićeva 8, Belgrade, Serbia 


July 14th – 28th, 2014

An approach where directors, actors and dancers indulge in a creative process of physical and vocal training, creating material, and experience how to, through the process of montage, build a performance. Work of the Institute is intended for practicing professionals and those moving towards this.

The work of the Institute consists of:practical work,work demonstrations,project presentations,lectures,performances.

During this two week at the Institute, the students will be working with actress Maja Vujović, renowned voice and movement specialists and with director and co-founder of Dah Theatre, Dijana Milošević. Also for the first time Summer Institute will offer video section which will be led by an experts/artists in this field. In this section students will have opportunity to learn how to make video materials and how to use them in theatre performances.

The language spoken during the 2-week intensive at the Institute is English.