begins 2013 with an analysis of the content that was the most shared by our readers in 2012. Our Editor Judith Staines sums up the findings on the most shared topics and trends. She also investigates which countries our most active users come from. We are interested in knowing what you think about this, so do send us your comments!

Also this month, our contributor Veerangana Solanki takes a close look at the very first visual arts Biennale in India, the Kuchi-Muziris Biennale. She interviews the directors and curators Bose Krishnamachari and Riyas Komu.
Stay tuned for many new initiatives this year on We will start next month with an overview of the "must see" events across Asia and Europe in 2013.
Wishing you all a fruitful New Year ahead!

Sharing culture360 content 2012 | pass it on

Content published on is widely shared by our users via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. 
With an active community, we like to track what content users interact with. So every year we analyse patterns of information sharing to see what we can learn. Editor, Judith Staines, reports on the findings from 2012.
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Latest Opportunities

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

UNESCO Bangkok is currently accepting entries for the 2013 UNESCO Asia‐Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. The UNESCO Heritage Awards was established in 2000 in response to increasing threats…  Read More

2013 Voies Off Prize

Every July, the Voices Off prize is awarded by a jury of renowned professionals to an artist for the clarity of his/her vision and the high quality of his/her…  Read More

Australia | Creative Partnerships with Asia | grants
SEAMEO SPAFA | two job vacancies
Stockholm Fringe Fest | apply for STOFF 2013
Cardiff | Scenofest | World Stage Design | call for applications
UK | Comma Press looking short stories set in Tokyo
Austria | Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen international fellowship


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Latest Events


Shenzhen | 9th China International Cultural Industries Fair

After eight years of growth and development, ICIF has became the “Top Cultural Fair in China”, it is the best platform for the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and…  Read More


Prague | poetic interventions by korean artists in Czech sanctuaries

As part of the TINA B Prague Contemporary Art Festival this autumn, a special collaborative project WOO:RI took place, with poetic intervention installations by Korean contemporary artists in prominent…Read More


Yangon Myanmar | The Flying Circus Project 2013
Bangladesh | Chobi Mela | International Festival of Photography 2013
London International Mime Festival
Thailand | Art of Story-Telling Workshop | 1st International Story-Telling Festival
Art Stage Singapore 2013
Chiang Mai Design Awards | exhibition
Sydney Festival 2013


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