Dear Los Angeles Artist,

I’d like to inform you about the Cultural Exchange International program from the Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles. You might already be familiar with this program that enables funding for cultural residency exchanges for artists and cultural organizations in Los Angeles.

 I specifically wanted to point out that, in collaboration with the Cultural Department of the Dutch Consulate in New York, Theater Institute Netherlands (TIN), Music Center Netherlands (MCN) and the Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities (SICA), extra funds have been made available for exchanges between artists and cultural organizations from Los Angeles and the Netherlands (including the Dutch Caribbean).

The residencies are meant to connect artists and organizations in the performing arts and/or make already existing connections stronger. Internships and research projects cannot be applied for. The DCA strongly encourages applications that show the added value of the project for the greater LA community (such as workshops, master classes, outreach, etc.)

Application deadline 16 December 2011Residencies (no shorter than 3 weeks up to no longer than 3 months) can be applied for.

Projects need to take place between July 1st 2012 and June 30th 2013.

The deadline for the application is December 16th 2011 and only the Los Angeles exchange partner can apply for the project.

Available grants for LA-Dutch exchange projects range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Individuals or groups (up to 4 people) can apply. Exchange projects between LA and the Netherlands that were funded last year:

Theater:   Poor Dog Group => Wunderbaum ($12,000)

LA Poverty Department => PEER Group ($15,000)

Music:  Staalplaat => LA Contemporary Exhibitions ($10,000)                             

 Nieuw Ensemble => SW Chamber Music Society ($12,000)                           

 Thomas Ankersmit => CalArts Musci Department ($10,000)


 For application forms and guidelines and for more information please visit:

For any questions regarding Dutch artists, groups or cultural organizations please contact Gabri Christa-Reid ( or Erwin Maas ( more information on Dutch performing arts also check &

Erwin Maas

Performing Arts – Specialist for Theater, Contemporary & Classical Musicerwin.maas@minbuza.nlPhone: (+1) 646-557-2217 (Mondays thru Wednesdays)Fax: (+1) 212-581-6594 Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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