Don’t miss the North American premiere of Mohammad Al Attar’s Could You Please Look Into the Camera? in an English translation by Lisa Wedeen, from May 28th to 31st at Theaterlab.
Written in 2011, the play is based on interviews of young Syrians detained by the Assad regime. Looking into the relationships that develop between Noura, a film-maker, and Zeid, Karim and Farah, the three young protesters, the play sheds light on the characters’ personal conflicts and asks pressing questions about responsibility and action, against the background of the beginnings of the Syrian war.
We hope you will join us for this important piece of theater! Tickets are now on sale!
Could You Please Look Into the Camera?
by M. Al Attar, translated by L. Wedeen
Performances at Theaterlab, 357 West 36th street.
Performance Dates/Times: May 28-30 at 8pm; May 31st at 5pm.
Tickets are available here.
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