Lanterns for wind 11 to 11

Saturday, November 10 is the Utrecht Sint Maarten Parade.

The musical and visual journey starts with a lantern festival on the promenade and ends with a spectacular finale at the Cathedral Square. In the week prior to the parade-11 Fanfare11 organizes a mini course for artists, students and other interested parties: the Fight Club is led by the English community artist Dan Fox worked on lanterns and life-size sculptures. His name has become associated with many light lantern parades and festivals. For the students the possibility to also workshops with children to accompany. Participation is free. More information and registration through

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Expected: premiere of the Strut Choir on Friday, October 26

international inspiration: E-Motive Day

What can we learn from countries without a 'caring' government?

The National E-motive day shows an array of sample projects and workshops in which citizens take responsibility for urgent issues on the agenda. On November 1, ao tells Catalina Garcia, who in collaboration with CAL Utrecht, The Rest Theaterwerkplaats and Anouk de Bruijn Hidden War makes the Caja Lúdica Guatemala operates.

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Praise of Visibility: a critical dialogue

The society provides people with a psychiatric background less opportunity for social integration and participation.

Doortje Kal (lecturer Quarter Making at the Hogeschool Utrecht) suggests that at issue in the critical dialogue "Praise of Visibility" with students and professionals from Margreet Bouwman CAL Utrecht. How does the art worlds of people with and without disabilities closer together? October 2, starting at 14:30. Click 'read more' for details and registration.

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The 8th Continent

It is 34 times as large as the Netherlands and we all contribute enthusiastically joined.

Meanwhile drives some 100 billion pounds of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. From 5 to 7 October, theater, visual and bio artists, landscape artists, architects, biologists, engineers and scientists to work with the phenomenon of " Plastic Soup ". Come see the Plastic Lab of Metal Cathedral!

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Experience the Steef: Opening renewed Culture Stephen

The roof is done. The old courtyard is transformed into a special lobby.

Hall ZIMIHC Theatre Stephen has been converted into multipurpose space for arts, events and conferences. Reason for a party! Come during the opening look, listen and enjoy performances of Strut & Café Ed Sanders in the new Culture Stephen. Experience the Steef!

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Film project: I'm Here

The boys playing football on the playground yelling does not come on to that ball! " but with heavy accent: "Can I have a loaf of you?" The whole team is to double that exclamation.

At the International Bridging in Utrecht Dutch still something that must be conquered – football, they can al The class of Fawas, Vivi and Yasir participates in the project I'm Here by filmmakers Femke Stroomer and Sanne Sprenger. In twenty weeks, the class a film about their own lives. The project falls under Community Arts Lab of Peace of Utrecht. Follow a report of the youth through the Cultural News Agency, created by Jowi Schmitz.

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