The Civilians, the Brooklyn-based Center for Investigative Theater, wants you to join us for our exciting collaborative effort – Occupy #S17: One Year Later. 

 On September 17th, 2012 theaters, schools, and other groups will join together in a nationwide night of monologues from the Occupy movement on the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall St.  The Civilians has conducted dozens of interviews over the past year, and has a searchable database that you can use to download transcripts that you are welcome to perform.  All of these monologues are taken verbatim from interviews with real life activists, and we hope this event will illuminate some of the human voices behind this historic movement.  We will be hosting our own performance at Joe’s Pub in The Public Theater in New York as part of our ‘Let me Ascertain You’ cabaret and podcast series, and we hope you can join us by hosting an event in your town. 

 Join the conversation! We are using the hashtag #S17Civs, where you’ll find blog posts, discussion about the movement, and a forum for asking questions and talking about your performance. We also ask that you video record your event and send it to us so that we can feature your work on our Occupy Tumblr HERE!

For resources on how to get started, look at the following links.  Please write me back if you want to get involved or have any questions.

To go to the Occupy #S17 homepage for further instructions and information, please click here. To watch our promotional video, please click here

Hope to hear from you soon.



Adam Odsess-Rubin

Project Coordinator

The Civilians: Center for Investigative Theater

138 South Oxford Street #3C

Brooklyn, NY 11217




TWITTER: @Civilians

PHONE: 718.230.3330