Call to Artists: Creative Climate Awards 2014

How will you tell the story of climate change?

Call to Artists:

2D work, short films (up to 5 min), and performance pieces that “make climate personal” for the Creative Climate Awards, NYC

Developed by:

The Human Impacts Institute (HII) NYC

Event Dates:

September 15-October 15th

Cash Prizes:

First place: $500  •  Second place: $300  •  Third Place: $200


Send by email to

Final deadline:

No later than 11:30pm, Monday, August 4th

Awards Event:

Thursday, October 30th

 What Are the Creative Climate Awards?

As an official part of Climate Week NYC and in partnership with Positive Feedback and Artbridge, the Human Impacts Institute’s Fourth Annual Creative Climate Call to Action brings together the visual arts, performance art, and film to install climate-inspired public works throughout New York City. Our Creative Climate Awards use the creative process as a tool to inspire audiences to explore the consequences of their actions, think critically about pressing issues, and to make the environment personal.  

These events are an opportunity to creatively engage tens-of-thousands of people in positive action around the challenges posed by climate change, while having your work seen by our judges—some of the top artists, curators, and international leaders in the world.

See what we’ve selected in past years to be a part of Creative Climate Awards here>>

For 2014, we welcome artists and artists’ collectives working in the following disciplines: 2D work, performance, and short film (up to 5 minutes). 

The Selection Process


Selection of artists will be made by HII staff and an advisory committee comprised of scientists, policy makers, artists, media experts, curators, and others.  We will evaluate three main components of each submission:

·  Strength of messaging/climate connection;

·  Artistic merit and impact; and

·  Feasibility of project (in terms of permitting requirements, materials, etc.).

Submissions will also be selected based upon an artist’s work samples and written explanation of the intended message and impact of a proposed piece.

Criteria for Submission

·     All submitted pieces must address the 2014 theme of  “making climate personal” and creatively engage audiences in positive action on climate change.  

·    Work/performance must be suitable for a public setting (all locations will be coordinated by HII and limited indoor settings will be available);

·    No admission fee may be charged;

·    All concepts, ideas, and artwork must be original work of artist submitting proposal;

·    Work/performance must be safe for artist and the public;

·     Artists/artist team must have a proven track record of creating work in a timely and professional manner;

·    Artist will pay for all art and personal transport fees to NYC

 Submission Deadline: No later than 11:30pm EDT, Monday, August 4th and be emailed to and must include the following:

·         Letter of interest (maximum one page) should include the following:

  • Do you have a proposed/ideal location for your piece?
  •   What do you intend to convey to the public through your proposed artwork?
  • How does your concept/work address “making c
    limate change personal”?
  • Description of your concept
  • Artist(s) name, address, phone number, website (as applicable), email address

·         Resume (maximum one page). If working with a team, include a resume for each team member.

·         Sketches, images, or video that clearly convey concept

  • Provide no more than five examples of previous work completed.
  • Title image files with number of image, artist’s first name initial, and last name.

For example, if artist’s name is Lynda Smith, her first image file is: 1LSmith.

1.   JPEG format only with a maximum size of 1MB each.

2.   Include an image list with a brief description (1-2 sentences) for each image and how the work supports your Climate Action proposal.

3.   Please keep sound and video files to five minutes each and provide an online link to any material.