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Thank you for reading and following The Arts Politic over our first few months. We very much value your interest and ideas.

We are gearing up for release for The Arts Politic's Fall 2009 issue, which will be published in October, and feature work that deals with and speaks to Bias.   We have three requests.

1) It is our goal to tap into pressing issues and news at the intersection of arts and politics. If you have any ideas, or know of any recent issues that we should follow, please email us at Some examples include : impending policies that help or harm the arts, recent art projects that have furthered social change, a groundbreaking political artist or arts activist, and upcoming events. 

2) Our submissions deadline for Fall 2009 is Saturday, September 26.  We seek submissions from anyone and everyone at the intersection of arts and politics: emerging and established artists, activists, academics, policymakers. If you have time, could you circulate our submissions guidelines to your community? A description is below, and the complete submission guidelines are attached. Those interested can also find this complete information on our website.

3) The Arts Politic was conceived of to solve problems. Part of problem solving is generating a discussion around arts politics issues. We urge you to comment on the stories online, and consider writing letters to the editor (email: about any of the Issue 1 or online content.

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Jasmine Mahmoud + Danielle Kline
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Call for Submissions!
The Arts Politic
, Issue 2: Fall 2009


The Arts Politic is a quarterly print-and-online magazine dedicated to solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics.  For the Fall 2009 issue,The Arts Politic welcomes your essays, opinion articles, visual art, poetry, creative fiction and non-fiction, reviews, calendar listings, letters to policymakers and other content at the intersection of arts and politics. The submission deadline is Saturday, September 26, 2009.

The Arts Politic’s Fall 2009 issue will be published in October, and will feature work that deals with and speaks to Bias.

Bias shapes the arts, and the politics of arts. Of the many sides to Bias, two often stand out. One, the unfair and harmful side, rears its head with skewed viewpoints, pernicious prejudices, or implacable stubbornness. Two, the subjective and guiding side, steers us, and the arts, to decision, distinction, and character.

Issue 2 will investigate the many sides of Bias. Consider the states which did not get Federal stimulus funding for the arts, or the lack of women-and-minority-penned plays on stage (or women-created artwork in museums), or cuts to arts departments at universities, or the choices that artists and those outside the arts make that change the character of arts nationwide. To investigate BiasThe Arts Politic seeks essays, scholarly articles, profiles, visual art, fiction, poetry, letters to policymakers, event listings, and reviews of arts-politics music, theatre, film, and literature. TAP intends to include all voices, and seeks contributions from emerging and established leaders in the arts, policymakers, scholars, professors, activists, and artists.

PLEASE NOTE: Although each issue is framed by a theme, we accept any content at the intersection of arts and politics, regardless of theme. We encourage all submissions, especially those that underscore pressing arts political issues.

For complete submission guidelines, please visit: