C.U.R.A – Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche
New Performance Development Incubator

Applications now OPEN! DEADLINE: MARCH 8, 2019
An intensive residential retreat for young theatre and dance creators, designed to give time and support to projects that are still in their initial phase of conception and development.
Next Generation is a special program open to individual artists, companies and informal groups during which the artists will have the opportunity to begin experimenting with ideas for new performances (theatre, dance, performance, etc.) The artists will have the opportunity to work individually or in groups on their own projects, while immersed in the natural inspiring environment of the Umbria Region.
This project will involve 3 different spaces of the Centre of Artistic Residency C.U.R.A.

  • –  La MaMa Umbria International in Spoleto 
  • –  Spazio ZUT in Foligno 
    This Program is meant as an incubator for new performance projects in an embryonic stage and will not be open to projects that are already in an advanced phase of development, which require a more production oriented residency. Its purpose is to discover new talents and nurture the emergence of promising new performative ideas. Some of the artists may be invited to apply for a further residency period inside C.U.R.A. in order to advance the development of a project.
    The artists will have the opportunity to work in the 3 different spaces of C.U.R.A. for a total of 15 days. During the periods of residence, exchanges and dialogue between artists/companies will be facilitated. There will be moments where all the artists will have the opportunity to live and work together C.U.R.A will organized a final moment during which the artists will be asked to present (choosing the most appropriate
    form) the work elaborated in the days of residence.
    An international group of C.U.R.A. artists and producers will be invited to follow the retreat as mentors, offering an optional series of workshops and activities aimed at stimulating the creative process, and encouraging the exchange and dialogue among the various participants. They may offer assistance to any of the artists present or collaborate on projects that are compatible, if desired.
    Periodically the selected artists will be asked to share their processes with other participants and to provide constructive feedback. At the conclusion of the retreat, the artists will showcase their work (choosing the most appropriate form) for an invited public composed mainly of artists, theatre and dance presenters. 

Next Generation is open to a maximum of 6 single artists and/or companies, however for a
maximum of 18 people/artists total.
The Program is supported by the The Ministry of Cultural and the Umbria Region, thus it will be free of charge. The residency will be in June 2019 (proposed dates 11-24 June 2019.)
Participants will be responsible to cover the costs of their own travel.
C.U.R.A. will give access to all the spaces, facilities and equipment. Food and lodging will be offered by each centre C.U.R.A and will vary depending upon the residency location. Lodging will be like an apartment (no single rooms).
Participants will have the opportunity to interact with professional mentors about specific needs and requirements.
The program will be conducted mainly in English.
The program is open to a maximum of 18 people. A selection will therefore be made between applications received by 8 Mach 2019.
All selected participants will receive communication by 22 March 2019
Interested candidates must submit the Application Form, and the following:

  • description of the project idea to explore during the residency; 
  • motivational letter expressing how this opportunity will serve the artistic development of
    the project; 
  • name, biography and role of each participant; 
  • online samples (video, audio, images, reviews, etc.) of past work of the candidates; 
  • technical requirements and other special needs.
    After receiving the applications, the selection committee might require an interview with the applicants, to take place in-person when possible or through Skype. From all the applications received, only the ones that are considered most in accordance with the goals of the residency will be invited to take part in the Program.
    La MaMa Umbria
    Spoleto: http://www.lamamaumbria.org/?page_id=33
    ZUT Foligno: http://spaziozut.tumblr.com/residenzeartistiche CAOS-INDISCIPLINARTE Terni: http://www.indisciplinarte.it http://caos.museum
    The application must be sent by email to: nextgeneration.cura@gmail.com Deadline: 8 March 2019
    Time of Residency: June 2019 (proposed dates: 11-24 June 2019.)