November 12-15, 2014

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Hilton City Center 

Submission deadline:: May 15, 2014 

The American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) invites panels, roundtables, and workshops on all topics related to the general theme of politics and literary translation, to which we envision a broad array of possible approaches, both direct and indirect, including:

  • Publishing, editing, and book promotion
  • State/institutional/self-censorship
  • Author/Translator relationships
  • Translating local politics for an international audience
  • Grants, sponsorship and other forms of patronage
  • Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity
  • War and conflict
  • The languages of history, cultural memory
  • Author panels, country-specific panels
  • Text and paratext (e.g., translator prefaces, intros, notes, afterwords)
  • Translation and other arts (e.g., design, music)
  • Nuances of practice (in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction)
  • Text and/or language specific workshops

All proposals will be submitted through the ALTA Conference

Panels include 3 to 4 panelists who give individual presentations on a theme, issue, genre, etc. within literary translation.

Roundtables may include a larger number of participants who, rather than prepare presentations, answer questions on a given theme posed by a moderator.

Workshops involve direct engagement with a particular text, usually provided to interested attendees ahead of the conference.

Bilingual readings are an opportunity for our members to present their work. They may read both the source and target language texts, or invite the author (or other native speaker) to read their original writing.

The deadline for proposals is May 15, 2014. Panelists will be notified of acceptance by June 12, 2014.

Please direct any questions to conference organizers Russell Valentino ( and Leah Leone (