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Call for Participation for “Saint Muse XI” International Festival, Mongolia.

Call for Participation for “Saint Muse XI” International Festival, Mongolia. 



The Capital city “Ulaanbaatar” of Mongolia


12-16 May 2014

Documents required from participants:

–       Application /download from: http://share.gogo.mn/kIT8SKBHo644221387258615/Application.doc

–       DVD record of the play /it should be 30-50 minutes in length/

–       Photos and posters of the performance

–       Brief introduction of the performance /in English/

The participant will perform the play in his/her own language.

The all documents should be submitted to organizing committee by 1 April 2014.

Expenses to be covered by “Saint Muse XI” festival organizing committee:

The team of participating artist should consist of 2-4 people. The organizing committee will be responsible for the expenses for lodging, meals and in-city travel. The cost for round-trip travel costs should be covered by the participant him/herself.

Contact details:

Ulaanbaatar 28,



e-mail: saintmuse_academy@yahoo.com;sanya_sb@yahoo.com

Telephone: 976-9912 5576, 976-8990 3186

Fax: 976-11-322132

 Organizing Committee of “Saint Muse XI” International Festival


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