Third International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation: “Connecting the Dots in a Glocalized World”
November 3-5, 2016
Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman
Deadline: 11 April 2016
Connecting the Dots in a Glocalized World 2016 will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in the four main disciplines of language, linguistics, literature and translation. As the title for the conference suggests, the aim is to focus on the relationship between global themes and local practices, highlighting the under-examined interactions that occur as globalization takes on negotiated forms in different contexts. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and methodologies, the conference will centralize both research that theorizes the links between the local and the global and research that shows, through practical evidence, how local and global interact. Proposals that aim to address either of these two areas, and which emphasize exploratory, experimental research or reconstructed concepts, frameworks of analysis, or approaches, are particularly welcome.  Proposals may be situated within any of the four disciplines but research demonstrating an interdisciplinary focus or approach is highly encouraged.
Submission Details: Proposals are invited for papers (20 +10 minutes discussion) and poster presentations (with scheduled discussion times). To submit your abstract, please send an email (with a Word attachment) to the following address: by 11 April 2016. Please include ALL the following information, numbered:
1. Brief outline of the paper/presentation for inclusion in the conference program (100 words max)
2. Full abstract for the review committee (500 words max)
3. Name, title and affiliation (university/college/etc)
4. Full address (include country), email and telephone
5. Indicate if the proposal is for a Paper or a Poster presentation
6. Title of paper/presentation
7. Areas which the paper/presentation links (please be precise)
8. Please provide up to five relevant keywords
Conference Chairs: Najma Al Zidjaly and Andrew Littlejohn (Sultan Qaboos University).
Web: (currently under construction)
Address: The Conference Committee, English Department, College of Arts & Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, P.O. Box. 42, Al-Khod, P.C.123, Sultanate of Oman