Call for papers: The Globalism of Literature and the Individualism of Style: The Role of the Translator?
Inaugural Conference
January 23-25, 2015
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California

The Translation Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara will be hosting an inaugural conference around the topics of globalism, adaptation, and appropriation within the context of literary translation. 

We invite papers whose analyses of translators and their work seek to shed light on the practice of translation as appropriation. How do translators seek to preserve or displace their source texts? To what extent do translators adapt their work for their new target audience, and, in the process, perhaps overwrite the original culture expressed by and through the source text? To what extent does a translation always implicate some amount of appropriation? 

Scholars and translators from multiple disciplines, national, and global perspectives will reflect on the basic notions of appropriation that so often shape the translations we read and produce. Is appropriation into the target culture an inevitability? If so, is it a negative, homogenizing force, or a positive world gain? Are there viable examples of alternative modes of translation? Even when translation is a sort of appropriation of the source text, does this lead to an enrichment of world literature, or to a global homogenization? What are, then, the ethical stakes involved in this act? Are they different than they were a thousand years ago? 

Please address any questions regarding the conference to Anneliese Pollock,, or Katie Jan,

Conference speakers will include 

Béatrice Mousli Bennett (University of Southern California)

Guy Bennett (Otis College of Art and Design)

Silvia Betti (Università di Bologna)

Peter Roland Bush (Oxford, UK)

Chunyan Chen (Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering)

Jody Enders (UCSB)

Elena Errico (Università di Sassari)

Yunte Huang (UCSB)

Dominique Jullien (UCSB)

Efraín Kristal (UCLA)

Suzanne Jill Levine (UCSB)

Peggy McCracken (University of Michigan)

Viola Miglio (UCSB)

Carlos Morton (UCSB)

Diana Thow (UCB)

Dongfeng Wang (Sun Yatsen University)

For questions, please contact Anneliese Pollock