Call for Papers “Arab Culture in the US”

Southwest Popular Culture & American Culture Studies [PCA/ACA] Conference February 11-14, 2015. Albuquerque New Mexico Proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables are now being accepted for the Area, “Arab Culture in the U.S.”  Here is a possible but not exhaustive list of topics in this Area –other themes/topics are encouraged:

• Arabs in American media

• Arab film in the U.S.

• Arab drama, poetry, and prose in the U.S.

• Arab music and dance in the U.S.

• Arab immigration to the U.S.

• Arab political, religious, ethnic, linguistic, and sexual identity in the U.S.

Individual papers: Submit proposal of 250 words, 

Panel proposals: submit one proposal of 200 words describing the panel and indicating which authors and proposals are to be included on this panel. Proposal authors must each create an account and submit their own proposals at the link provided above.

Submit proposal via this link:

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Graduate students are particularly encouraged to participate in the conference. Several awards are available to them. For more info on that, click here: