Brave Kids is an program dedicated to children of different backgrounds who use art as a tool for a social change and was started in Wroclaw, Poland two years ago in frame of Brave Festival – Against Cultural Exile under the patronage of UNESCO and Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Since 2009 we’ve hosted in Wroclaw 100 young actors, dancers, singers, b-boys and b-girls (age 6 – 16) and cooperated with following groups and organizations:

Aldebaran. Norway
Ashtar Theatre/The Gaza Mono-logues. Palestinian Autonomy
Association of Culture Practitioners. Warsaw, Poland (refugees from North Caucasia)
Awake Youth. Sweden
Breakdance Project. Uganda 
Library Światoteka. Wroclaw, Poland 
Mizero Children. Rwanda 
Sdruzeni Petrov/MiniMerci. Czech Republic (Romani children)
M.Y.T.A/ROKPA. Zimbabwe


Our aim is to build a platform for the groups of young artists from regions of the world affected by various tragedies – natural disasters, political conflicts, homelessness and poverty and show that art gives a chance to overcome traumatic experiences and break free of destructive limitations. For all kids, including those coming from the wealthy world, we offer a chance to build confidence in their own competence and appreciate the value of their own artistic expression. We also try making a counterweight to conformist, mass-distributed pop culture. We believe this to be an important step towards shaping the future of the participants of the project and their communities. 

MOVIE: Invitation for groups to join us.

Language isn’t a perfect tool, especially when working with different cultures, countries etc. Emails and telephones often fail when it comes to show such a complex project as Brave Kids. To express the beauty of tolerance, cooperation and intense emotions that are behind the idea and to send a message to the kids all around the world, we needed more than just a clip – we needed a piece of art itself. This art can channel intensive emotional bonds that are born during the Brave Kids workshops.
Thanks to Valium4kids crew, especially to Grzegorz Korczak and Michał Korynek, we managed to create a tool for communication with children artistic groups from around the world.
Please enjoy the beauty of this movie and pass it over! We believe that this clip will get to the kids who work on their backyards on any kinds of art, and that they will contact us to join next editions of Brave Kids programme. What's even more – it has already worked!

Enjoy and spread the link!

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