British Council: Going Global 2015: Connecting cultures, forging futures

Going Global 2015 takes place on 1 and 2 June 2015 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, UK – one of the world's most vibrant and exciting locations. Here, in a rich melting pot of diverse cultures and ideas, creative connections are forged that reach across the world forming global networks of innovation. It is these that will drive and secure the futures of individuals, communities and nations. At the core of these connections sit universities and institutions of learning, anchoring and sustaining cultures, building and strengthening connections.


We proposition the fusion of diverse cultures generates a creative force, which is a major catalyst of leading edge innovation. Investment in the connection of these cultures produces a tangible return and measurable impact for the future.

Going Global 2015 will explore this through three perspectives:

  • Academic discipline and subject cultures: including the impact of multi-disciplinary teams from various fields of study; as well as different cultures of research, teaching and skills development.
  • Organisational cultures – particularly those of higher education institutions; business; skills providers; NGOs and social enterprises.
  • National, regional and local cultures and the extent to which connecting people and ideas across these cultures generates a creative force leading to innovation.

We will explore how networks of innovation evolve and grow when cultures cut across boundaries, looking at the role higher education institutions play globally in connecting cultures, as well as anchoring and sustaining networks of innovation. 

Within each of the perspectives we seek to explore:

  • What evidence is there that connecting people and ideas across cultures produces internationally significant innovation and what is the nature of that innovation?
  • How do these connections and networks of innovation evolve? What is their life cycle? How are they nurtured and sustained?
  • What role are universities and colleges playing as anchors of these networks? What is the impact on structures and operations of these institutions?  What are the risks and challenges for them?
  • How is the traditional role of the university as a guardian of culture changing?
  • Where are the world-class examples of these innovation networks?

Key dates

Call for proposals opens: Wednesday 27 August 2014

Call for proposals closes: Friday 31 October 2014

Registration opens: February 2015

Going Global 2015 conference: Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 June 2015