Bayimba Cultural Foundation recognises the relevance of culture and arts in developing and shaping society. It also recognises the potential of the arts and creative arts industry in Uganda and believes that they offer viable options for self-realisation by individual artists as well as arts organisations, and that they contribute to social and economic development in Uganda. Bayimba Cultural Foundation has therefore been dedicated to contribute to making Uganda a significant hub for music and arts on the African continent and during the past two year it has sought to organise a wide range of activities to develop the creative arts industry in Uganda.

In 2008, the Foundation introduced the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts, the first of its kind in Uganda. The Festival was preceded by a series of workshops for artists, aimed at stimulating creativity and artistic collaborations. In 2009, the Foundation initiated a successful series of debates about the role of culture and arts in society. Also, the second edition of the Festival together with a wide range of new workshops and activities for artists were organised.

The activities of Bayimba Cultural Foundation have had a profound effect on the state of arts in Uganda and have catalyzed important changes for individual artists and actors in the art sector. However, to leave a lasting mark on the art sector and society at large, there is need to further invest in the development of the arts and creative arts industry in Uganda. Bayimba Cultural Foundation is resolved to do so in conjunction with its ever growing international, regional and national network of artists and arts supporters.

Since its first edition in 2008, some 100 artists have performed at the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts. Known and upcoming artists – such as Soul Beat Africa, Percussion Discussion Afrika, Joel Sebunjo and the Sundiata, Sarah Ndagire, Suzan Kerunen, Baxmba Waves, Sava Karim, Julie Sesanga, Rachel Magoola, Uneven Band, Milege Band, Capital Dramactors, Harry II Lwanga, Quela, Blood brothers, Golden Gate Choir – were joined by artists from East Africa and beyond, including Didier Awadi (Senegal), Kaz Kasozi (Uganda/UK), Yunasi (Kenya), Elemotho (Namibia), Iddi Achieng (Kenya), Enika (Tanzania), Inyanje (Rwanda), Burundian Drummers (Burundi), Talking Drums (Kenya), Umocyo (Rwanda) and Kunja Dance company (Kenya).

Preparations for the 3rd edition of the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts, which is scheduled for 17th-19th September 2010, are well underway and Bayimba Cultural Foundation herewith wishes to invite artists of all disciplines to express their interest in participating in this edition.

You are kindly requested to submit the following information by 31st May, 2010 to the address below (in case you submit your application by email, please limit your submission to 5MB):

  • A completed entry form (download here).
  • A profile/short biography (max. 800 words) with recent picture(s).
  • A presentation of your work (in case of music/film: one or two of your recordings on CD, DVD or MP3).

Bayimba Cultural Foundation will confirm receipt of your entry form. A team will assess the submissions received and decide which artists will be included in the programming for the 3rd edition of the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts 2010.

A modest performance fee will be offered to participating artists. For artists from outside Uganda modest accommodation, local transport and per diem will be provided. Artists from outside Uganda are encouraged to source for support to cover travel expenses.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation and Art Moves Africa (AMA) are pleased to inform artists living in Africa who are planning to participate in the 3rd Edition of Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts, to apply for an AMA mobility grant before 1st of May 2010.

Applicants will be informed, by mid June, if their applications to AMA are successful

For more information visit:

Download the application form here.