Bakelit Multi Art Center is a cultural institute in the industrial area of a former spinner factory (Hazai Fésűsfonó és Szövőgyár). The factory worked as intensively from the early 1920s that there was a time when thousands of Cuban women worked there in the frames of a socialist exchange programme. From that time on there has been rhythm in the buildings. And still there is.
Our institute was found with the aim of building common future by involving different sorts of arts and the past of the unique location. We try to make our goal come true by contemporary theatre-, literature-, and dance performances, installations of fine art/applied art, concerts, festivals, and one-of-a-kind events. Bakelit M.A.C. gives the opportunity to learn, create, rehears and perform for those who come here. Moreover these artists have chance to make an impact not only on their audience but on each other as well.
As a result we have built multifunctional areas within the industrial buildings, which give us the possibility to use them according to the different unique and specified visions we face every day. That is how we assure the conditions of inspiring study and development.
Kckó/Bar and Palack Pult are the places of conversations between professionals and wider audience, where precious relations born constantly.
As you can see Bakelit M.A.C. works as a contemporary knowledge centre within the international cultural scene, much more than being just the “first factory-theatre of Budapest”, as we started. If we take a look at the creative results of the last few years we have constantly been an inspiring, charming and development-friendly multicultural environment. From education to realized professional success.
Because life has its own rhythm as well.

• Contemporary theatre- and literature performances
• Dance performances
• Installations of fine arts/applied arts, new media activities
• Indoor and outdoor exhibitions, art programs
• Concerts
• Organizing international, regional and national projects, festivals
• V4 and EU partnership with cultural institutions, organisations, art companies & artists, wide professional network
• Workshop and conference venue
• International Artist-In-Residency program
• Art Caffe & Bar with free wifi
• Factory Hostel Budapest

As an international multicultural centre we offer top quality infrastructure for all artistic fields at our multifunctional event places, which are fully equipped with the latest professional technology. Our event spaces (a total of 40- 900 m2) can be used and modified according to different sorts of festivals, theatre-, dance-, and classical music performances, concerts, conferences, lectures, meetings, workshops, fashion shows, movie making, photo shooting or exhibitions. Furthermore our rehearsal studios of varied sizes can be rented by bands and musicians.
• As an international multicultural centre Bakelit M.A.C. has the relevant technical background of the 21st century: goods lift, amplifying, sound, lights, service rooms (dressing room, stock-room, toilet, bath).
• Own kitchen, buffet, excellent cold- and hot meals (other catering company also acceptable if requested).
• Unique interior design if requested: art deco/retro furniture and additional elements.
• No quiet rules in the industrial area.
• Easy to find: it’s a 10-minutes drive from downtown by car; BUS nr. 23 (BUS nr. 923 by night) stops at the entrance.
• Free parking for more than 100 cars.

STUDIO is a fully sound-proofed 200 square metre hall covered with flexible wooden parquetry, 150 -200 persons can fit in. Non smoking hall, no natural light. The stage is made up by elements installed optionally.

HANGÁR is a 360 square metre hall, which consists of a ground area of 280 m2 and a gallery of 80 m2. It can hold 500-800 people and it is covered with dust free, smooth concrete floor. Natural light, darkening is available.

KUCKO/BAR has a parquet floor, mirrored walls and is 80 square metres in size. It's a multi-functional hall with excellent acoustic facilities. 70 people can fit in the bar and 20-25 dancers can rehears at a time in front of the mirrors. App. 40 person can fit in as audience at a studio theatre performance. No natural light.

PALACKPULT of 120 m2 gives opportunity for the audience and the artists, actors, dancers to meet before/after the performances.

Our experienced professional creative team can handle all promotional tasks related to cultural events in order to best use the communicational tools of the Hungarian online and printed press, radio and television, etc. We truly believe that planning and realization of all international tenders, festivals, workshops, seminars, conferences can be successful if we make it together. Bring your festival to Bakelit M.A.C. and we are matching you with wide professional and amateur audiences in Hungary.

FACTORY HOSTEL BUDAPEST is a funky place to stay in while visiting Hungary, located in a former spinner factory (Hazai Fésűsfonó és Szövőgyár) of Budapest. Come and discover our instant artistic social scene full of talented young people from around the world. Enjoy the good-time atmosphere.
„Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand.” – Confucius
We started our 52-bed hostel according to the thoughts above. FACTORY HOSTEL BUDAPEST is both the place of calmness and inspiration as there is room for international and Hungarian performers of different sorts of arts and students of international art schools and art institutions to influence each other and to have rest together during their learning periods, study camps, rehearsals, workshops, group exhibitions, etc. Contemporary dance, theatre, applied arts, fine arts, music, film, photography and digital media can effect each other at FHB as we believe that staying together and living together gives artists unique opportunities to develop each other. Moreover anybody else is welcomed who are likely to discover Budapest from such an artistic environment and is interested in alternative routes and highlights of the capital.
Rooms are located in a special architectural environment and are equipped with cosy beds, newly built bathrooms, lockers, air conditioning and heating. A fully arranged shared kitchen is available for all guests; furthermore there is a dorm with en-suit studio kitchen.
• Free wifi, 24 hour reception, security, travel support, and specialized holiday planning help our guests to feel comfortable during their stay, while they can choose from a great amount of cultural programmes on the spot between September and July all year.
• We offer the best pieces of Hungarian and international cuisine three times a day, as well as office services (print, copy, fax, laminating) and laundrette.
• You can hop on one of our Charity Bikes from “Bike Kitchen” and the donations are transferred to those who are in need.
• In the Movie Room our guests can choose from more than 120 concert films and 100 movies; moreover private videos are also allowed to be shared.
• Palack Pult and Kucko/Bar give room for loose, informal conversations with our existing and new friends by a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of finest Hungarian wine.
Bakelit Multi Art Center gives the opportunity to chill, fill-up and build new professional contacts and long-lasting friendships. Not only as performers and audience but as the guests of FACTORY HOSTEL BUDAPEST as well. Because if we would like to understand our lives we have to be involved. Together.
Booking and further information:
Phone: +36 30 376 9085
CONTACTS 164 Soroksári Street,
buliding 18,
H-1095 Budapest HUNGARY
GENERAL MANAGER: +36 30 516 8860
E-MAIL: info@bakelitstudio.hu
E-MAIL: info@factoryhostelbudapest.com
OUR WEBSITE: www.bakelitstudio.hu