Austria's Theatre Irrwisch: Announcing Summer events. 


Theatre Irrwisch brings laughter

"They are really crazy, these Austrians, this is sure. But they are it in a very exciting, smart, buffoon way…"  Südkurier


Dear IRRWISCH friends, dear theatre programers!

Possibly you are looking for a spectacular, funny & charming and a little bitcrazy street theatre program for the next edition of your festival or theatre event?

Theatre IRRWISCH repertoire includes: clownesque Stilt Theatre, Comedy Streettheatre and Comedy Firetheatre.

All the performances are mainly non-verbal, extremely funny and are eligible for a general audience of all ages.

With the enclosed informations about the various performances and acts offered for the season 2014/2015

we hope to meet your interest and curiousity.

For Indoor events see also our clownesque Stage performance "hops!"

Or watch out here where to meet us this summer!

greetings from Vienna!

your Isabella Heugl

Quirk, crazy, kooky and comic. These are the best words to describe the Austrian trio known as Theatre Irrwisch. The performers combine theatricality with physical performance, and an offbeat sense of humour to deliver a witty and intelligent performance. HIFA Review

When acrobatics becomes poetry

Everywhere the crazy figures in tails and on stilts appear the public is full of enthusiasm. They don’t talk, but they communicate a great deal. They find everything new and every reaction astounding. They are artists on their stilts and poets in their hearts. They don’t stop at anything or anyone – they climb into other people’s apartments on the first floor, exchange a bicycle for a piece of furniture, hi-jack busses and trams. But they give everything back – usually to someone else, just to give pleasure and that, amidst the chaos they create – the nicest since fear of it began – seems to be their only aim.

Three Irrwischs turned yesterday the pedestrian precinct upside down. The group showed improvisation theatre of first-rate, they amazed with acrobatics, spontaneity and funny jokes." Neue Zeit

With the the production Wegenstreits Guests Irrwisch belonged this year to the clear public favourite of the Festival!” Viathea Görlitz“

Headlining the four hours of fun were Austrian Group Irrwisch who brought their unique take on stilt-walking to the town, wowing the adults and amazing the youngsters on the market place” City Life, Ashton