Arts on Location is delighted to announced that the application is now open. Designed for artists who have little or no knowledge of Thai theatre, this workshop is a skill-developing as well as a cultural programme aiming at performance artists and theatre practitioners, who have a strong interest in gaining good grounding and insightful knowledge in the art of Khon within its cultural environment, and context.

About Khon
Khon is one of the most influential traditional performing arts of Thailand and has survived to this very day side by side with a variety of other traditional Eastern theatre practices, such as Noh theatre, Beijing Opera and Kathakali drama. These Eastern theatre traditions have inspired many internationally renowned artists such as Peter Brook, Ariane Mnouchkine and Eugenio Barba to develop their own unique style and innovative theatrical vocabulary at an international level.

About the Programme

The programme, trained by Masters Julachart, and Master Pattanapong from
The College of Dramatic Arts, is consisted of physical work based on two main masked characters, the Demon (Yak), and the Monkey (Ling). Participants will learn the Khon warm ups, the core choreography (Mae Tha), language gestures, the movement characteristics, and the combat choreography. There will be a day visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to see the infamous wall painting of Ramayana Epic. The workshop will end with a short presentation, when the participants will experience performing Khon in full costumes and masks.

Suitable for Theatre/ performance art practitioners, namely dancers, actors, physical theatre performers, directors, choreographers and drama/performance Students (Undergraduates & Postgraduates)

Date: 17-21 December 2012

Fees: 8,000 Bhts ( about 160 GBPs, 200 Euros, 260 USDs.)
Please note that the entrance fees to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is not included.

Minimum number of participants: 10

To apply, please send in your CV, and a letter with your statement of intention to

Deadline for application 16 November, 2012