CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) will hold its Third Annual ARTS IN THE ONE WORLD conference on the CalArts campus in Valencia, California. 

Arts in the One World: Curricula and Agenda A drawing together of schools and institutions offering degree/training in politically purposed art, broadly defined… And the definitions as they are emerging are innately broad – art and justice, art and social issues, art in the community, performance and public policy. Essentially – how are we trying reposition art’s starting point, its aim, it’s situation in culture at large, and – how is this exploration entering education? What are the emerging changes to curricula? Discussion expands to include practical examples of artists who are enacting this repositioning. A sub-theme: social networking. How are artists finding other artists? Making communities of audiences and vise versa? The third annual Arts in the One World Conference will take place on the Campus of the California Institute of the Arts,January 24-27, 2008 The conference is hosted by the theater school, is conceived and executed in collaboration with the broad participation of the Institute as a whole, invites students and faculty from institutions around the world, and is open to the general public. Our partner in hosting and building the event is the Interdisciplinary Genocide Study Center (Rwanda), our sister library in Kigali – where the Tutsi genocide is researched, testimony is gathered, negationism is resisted, and a social space for survivors is afforded. 

The Arts in the One World gathering is the local anchor of an ongoing artistic exchange CalArts conducts with the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center in Rwanda. Each summer a group of students, faculty, and professionals in the field travel to study the genocide and explore the ways in which art practice may participate in the processes of recovery.


Keynote Performance: Jeans Generation, by the Belarus Free Theater


The Belarus Free Theatre and its audience were recently arrested – up to 60 spectators, the actors, managers, and directors of the Free Theatre (including three children of 6, 7, and 8). On August 22, members of three different special forces operations (OMON, KGB, and the district police) entered a rented facility where the Free Theatre was set to perform.

 This act of harassment and intimidation in connection to the Belarus Free Theatre and its friends is just regular attempt in a row of many cases of harassment like dismissals of actors, directors, sending down of theatre manager, closing down clubs where Free Theatre performed, etc. According to the Geneva Convention, it is ‘Prohibition of Profession.’“The Belarus Free Theatre wants to assure that we will not stop our activities and we would continue to promote human values by means of theatre.

“We appeal to all our friends to support freedom of Expression and Assembly in Belarus.”



Natalia Koliada – Director and co-founder of the Belarus Free Theatre
Nikolai Khalezin – Art-director and co-founder of the Belarus Free Theatre, playwright
Vladimir Scherban – Belarus Free Theatre Director



Conference Organizer – Heather Lawson