by Mohammad Miraliakbari

Artigoshe is written based on the eternal work of Sophocles; however, with distinctive differences in form and structure. Its structure is rather close to picaresque, but completely free of its special literary rules. But why "Artigoshe"? The letters "r", "t", "g" and "sh" were of most important letters, used a lot in ancient Persian.


Mohammad Miraliakbari was born in 1975 in Tehran. Miraliakbari received an M.A. in Dramatic Literature from Azad University of Tehran and started his professional career by directing short films; however, after sometime quit it for good and turned to theatre.Miraliakbari's passion is for play writing where he is looking for a new structure in the art. Artigoshe, his last work, attracted much attention in Mah Festival when it was premiered. He has directed about 15 short films and 5 theatre productions, and has written about 10 plays.