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1. Call for Art: Mama Earth From: Sharon
2. Join Global water Dances June 25! From: Patricia Haines
3. Video Contest: Progress Is (seeking videos by young people for OECD From: Janet Feldman
4. Los Angeles January 22nd 2011"Finding The Right Gallery For You" From: whit1bon
5. Water, climate change competition (Deadline 22.03.11) From: EJC
6. INVITATION 5th World Community Arts Day From: Andrew
7. Breaking News. Contemporary Photography from the Middle East and Afr From: Fondazione Fotografia
8. Call for partners: Going forward on stage A training in theatre meth From: Mostar Mirovni Projekt
9. Arts Therapy Conference From: IEATA
10. World Music Day From: Arena Stage

1. Call for Art: Mama Earth
Posted by: "Sharon" Sharon   akashara2u
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

Call for Art: Mama Earth
The Center for Green Urbanism
Washington, DC

Deadline: February 12, 2011.

On behalf of the Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery of the Center for Green Urbanism, Authentic Contemporary Art is inviting artists to submit artwork for Mama Earth.

Open to U.S. artists 18 years and older residing in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Mama Earth is a visualcelebration of the beauty of the planet Earth through a variety of artistic mediums.

It will serve as the backdrop to the Center for Green Urbanism's first annual Earth Day Celebration in April 2011 and related activities.

Eligible Mediums: original 2-D mediums including mixed media, collage,
photography, painting, and works on paper. Must not exceed $900.

ENTRY FEE: $25 for up to 3 entries. All submissions must be postmarked by February 12, 2011. For entry form and prospectus, visit

2. Join Global water Dances June 25!
Posted by: "Patricia Haines" Patricia Haines
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

Global Water Dances is a world event planned for June 25, 2011. On this day, a 24 hour series of dances around the globe will be danced, centered around water issues. Beginning in the Western Pacific Rim, and encircling the globe, the series of dances will also be broadcast online.

Global Water Dances is a bold visionary artistic initiative focused on the critical need for safe drinking water. Already today, there are an estimated 5 million deaths per year globally from polluted water. By 2025, over half the world's population will be facing water-related problems. (See Water Issues page for more info.)Global Water Dances is a model of how to use participatory art-making to raise consciousness about environmental problems and how to bring people together to work on solving these problems. Participants and viewers of Global Water Dances will learn about the critical role of humans in protecting water supplies.

The initiators of Global Water Dances are an international network of dance and non-verbal communication experts. In working with local choreographers around the world, we will be drawing on Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff's practices with human movement to mirror the universe's dynamic patterns. Using Laban's technique of Movement Choirs, the choreographers will create dances which will not only move the participants, but also the observers.The activities in Global Water Dances will be simple; creating bonds using time, space and rhythm. The dances will be professionally choreographed and people of all ages and abilities from the local communities will be participating. Each dance event will reflect the importance of water as seen by that local community and in the eco-systems we share world-wide.Flow, the medium of dance/movement, can connect community, just as water connects people. Communities grew up and were often defined by the water nearby. Movement also provides an embodied practice for community-building and can foster new understandings and behaviors.

Through Global Water Dances we want to connect the local to the global community to safeguard that all humans have access to clean drinking water, so that the water flowing through us is sustaining and not harming us. Taking responsibility for, valuing and protecting water, can shift people easily into other ways of caring for the planet.Global Water Dances will raise the awareness of participants and observers about the importance of water, and to provided a model for empowering local communities to take action. The Global Water Dances event will bring local environmental experts and organizations, artists and members of the community together in a process that can build ongoing collaborations.

To be part of a dance, find out more at Join The Dance

To find the locale which is closest to you please visit our map.To join the mailing list, please sign up here.


Year One: 2010Create website and develop a plan for networking eventsConsult with leading experts about local water sources and ecosystemsNetwork with local art and environmental organizationsNegotiate with local officials establishing appropriate sitesDevelop outreach plan for broadcast media

Year Two: 2011Select choreographers and musicians for the 15-20 sequential events across the globeSelect 10-100 performers per locationImplement outreach plan to broadcast mediaPrepare and rehearse in each locationConduct eventsEvaluate impact of global event, prepare document and lessons learned

Year Three: 2012Continue to build out website as a base for learning and engaging in new participation

Repeat Global Water Dances in previous locations and in new locations

LEVEL GREEN – fostering sustainable community through collaborative initiatives in hospitality, education and the arts, in the 150 year-old democratic spirit of the Danish Folk School. 1519 Slaterville Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 339-9472

3. Video Contest: Progress Is (seeking videos by young people for OECD
Posted by: "Janet Feldman" Janet Feldman   frida02806
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

Dear All,

As part of its 50th Anniversary Celebrations, OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) has launched a competition for young people around the world to showcase their talent by creating a short video describing their vision of "Progress."

If you are – or know anyone – aged between 18 and 25 years old, and are a film-maker, complete the following phrase…"Progress is," in a video no longer than 3 minutes in length, then post it on YouTube.

Three winners will be chosen by public vote from a short-list selected by our jury, after the competition closing date, 1 March 2011. The winners will then be invited for an all-expenses-paid visit to the OECD Forum in Paris, France, taking place May 2011, for an official screening of their videos.

Full details and registration form are available at:

James Kitchen
Marketing Manager
Public Affairs & Communications Directorate
2, rue André Pascal / 75775 Paris Cedex 16 / France

4. Los Angeles January 22nd 2011"Finding The Right Gallery For You"
Posted by: "whit1bon" whit1bon   whit1bon
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

Los Angeles January 22nd 2011
"Finding The Right Gallery For You" a lecture by Thomas Werner

Sign up

Take advantage of all of the amazing speakers that will be presenting at SB3!

Hope to see you there!

Thomas Werner Projects at

5. Water, climate change competition (Deadline 22.03.11)
Posted by: "EJ
C" EJC   art4development
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

EU bloggers and photographers covering water and climate change can compete for a reporting trip to Poland.

Photographers should upload a maximum of eight photos related to water and climate change to the CL!CK platform. Twelve will win spots on the trip. Bloggers should upload posts about water to the TH!NK platform. Their top 24 will also join the trip this April.

For more information, click here.

6. INVITATION 5th World Community Arts Day
Posted by: "Andrew" Andrew   andrewtcrummy
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

INVITATION 5th World Community Arts Day

World Community Arts Day 17/02/11

To create a World Festival Society for a day.
" We can either react in fear or anger to the state of our world thus becoming part of the problem or respond creatively and become part of the solution."

You are invited to be part of a global celebration on 17/02/11. And it is our fifth birthday!

All we ask of you on that day is to do an arts project, however small or big. Be creative about an issue that you believe promotes "caring and sharing". Song, dance, theatre, draw, paint, write, make, poem, photogragh, lecture, walk, tour, talk, art class anyway that you feel you are creative!

The first years have seen WCAD grow from a celebration of Reg Bolton to a global event from as far as Brazil, Slovenia, Scotland, Australia, USA, Ireland, Mexico and many more. All we ask of you on that day is to do an arts project, however small or large to mark this day. If you can mark the event on your website in the build up to it that would be great to. It is going to be our biggest yet.

Or join one of the social networking groups on Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

7. Breaking News. Contemporary Photography from the Middle East and Afr
Posted by: "Fondazione Fotografia" Fondazione Fotografia   art4development
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

The exhibition held in the former Ospedale Sant'Agostino, Modena (Italy), from 27 November 2010 to 13 March 2011, presents the third nucleus of acquisitions for the international contemporary photography, art film and video collection of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena. The exhibition features 21 artists from 12 countries, with more than 100 works.

As the title of the exhibition suggests, the idea of Breaking News is to shed light -through the photographs recently selected for the collection- on a part of the world that only makes the news with conflicts and bloody events. And if there is one part of the world that has supplied television networks all over the world with breaking news it is precisely the Middle East, followed and in some cases surpassed by Africa.

Breaking News is presented as a journey from Syria to Iran, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco, through Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, and down to South Africa, following artists whose work testifies rather than recounts, shows rather than interprets, declares rather than pricks the conscience of others.

Dominated by the views induced by colonialism for more than a century, Africa now expresses a variety of creative voices able to investigate not only the legacies of the past but also the complexities of the present. Although the portrait is a genre that has been widely used in Africa – in the past as a means of claiming an independent identity – Philip Kwame Apagya and Samuel Fosso's images seem to insert the African reality into the globalised world to play with or critically question stereotypes. Goddy Leye's video works, moving from the theories of Négritude, ironically mock Western preconceptions of Africa. The photos by a substantial group of South African artists – from the 1950s shots taken by Bob Gosani, to those of the 1980s by Cedric Nunn, through to the contemporary research of David Goldblatt, Jodi Bieber, Mikhael Subotzky, Daniel Naudè and Pieter Hugo – define the historic parabola of a country that, emerging from Apartheid with Nelson Mandela's dream of a Rainbow Nation, now finds itself facing new problems, such as serious social disruption and new forms of classicism.

The Middle East also presents a lively art scene capable of expressing the political, social and religious complexity of contemporary reality, even in places where freedom of expression or the right to existence itself are sorely tested. The Arab-Israeli conflict is the subject of various artists' research projects, including that of the Israeli video artist Yael Bartana, the Palestinians Ahlam Shibli and Taysir Batniji, the Lebanese Akram Zaatari and the Egyptian Wael Shawky.

The rapid changes that have taken place in some Arab and Middle Eastern countries in recent decades emerge in the works of artists like Hrair Sarkissian of Syria, whose photos are visions between the poetic and the documentary of Armenia, his country of origin; Yto Barrada, who seems to look at Morocco through "holes" opened up in the photographic memory; Mounir Fatmi, who collects and mixes up in his video the stereotypical images of Middle East overexposed by the media; and Jinoos Taghizadeh, who reports on the current situation in Iran and its illiberal contradictions with her collages.

Breaking News is organized by Fondazione Fotografia / Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena. Fondazione Fotografia is a project promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and curated by Filippo Maggia. Fondazione Fotografia works since 2007 in order to create a permanent collection – still on going – made up by contemporary photography and artistic videos, offering at the same time occasions, in which people can widen their cultural and professional knowledge, through exhibitions or educational events.

Fondazione Fotografia
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena
Via Emilia Centro, 283
41100 Modena

Tel.: +39 059 239888
Fax: +39 059 238966


8. Call for partners: Going forward on stage A training in theatre meth
Posted by: "Mostar Mirovni Projekt" Mostar Mirovni Projekt
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)
[Attachment(s) from Mostar Mirovni Projekt included below]

Dear colleagues,

Due to organisational reasons we, Mostar Mirovni Projekt will apply again for the following proposal in the frame of the Youth in Action Programme. We ask you to support the project and to become a partner for the following Training Course:

Going forward. on stage! A training in theatre methods for European youth projects

Date: 16th – 24th of September 2011
Venue: Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The TC "Going forward. on stage! A training in theatre methods for European youth projects" is aimed to communicate selected theatre methods as possible tools in European youth projects, especially for its use in intercultural and multilateral youth exchanges. During the TC the participants will get to know theatre methods from different theatre areas as e.g. introduction into theatre pedagogy and improvis
ation theatre, methods of Augusto Boal, masks theatre, body language and movement, improvisation and ensemble improvisation. The participants will learn how to use and to implement these methods within an intercultural context and about their meaning in regard to group dynamics since supporting the development of individual capability of youth workers, leaders and teamers are important issues when planning and organizing intercultural and multilateral youth exchanges. Furthermore the TC will offer time and space to organisations from programme countries and neighbouring partner countries from South Eastern Europe (SEE) to exchange and to discuss their working experiences and strategies which approaches and methods are appropriate to motivate and to include young people in projects dealing with issues like migration, interreligious dialogue, youth violence and the fight against poverty and social exclusion

We are looking for partners from EU programme countries and partner countries from South East Europe who have experiences in using theatre as a tool in local, national and international youth work, are willing to share these strategies, experiences and methods and to learn about new theatre methods and its use in youth work. Only organisations with the mentioned profile will be considered as possible project partners. In regard to this we are strongly asking you to describe your profile in an extra file (up to 1000 signs).

Furthermore information on previously funded projects including the following information are requested since 1.1.2011 by the Executive Agency including short information about:

Programme or initiative
Reference number
Beneficiary organisation
Title of the Project

In case you are interested to become a project partner and to join the planned TC fill, stamp and sign the attached agreement and send it by FAX or by Email (picture, scanned version, pdf) to:

FAX +38737660068
The Team of MMP
Attachment(s) from Mostar Mirovni Projekt

9. Arts Therapy Conference
Posted by: "IEATA" IEATA   art4development
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

Living with uncertainty:
Multiplicity as a healing pathway through expressive arts

9th International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Conference (IEATA) Lima, Peru 10th – 14th of August, 2011

We live in a time in which social and environmental destruction threatens us all. There are no clear answers to the problems of the world, but the arts offer possibilities and perspectives that can help us find new pathways towards healthful solutions.

Can we live with uncertainty? Multiplicity of arts, ancient traditions and contemporary ways of living, from a myriad of cultures, can invite us to find new possibilities of healing. The expressive arts can be our guide in the unknown future that awaits us as therapists, educators, consultants and peace-builders. We hope that this multi-cultural and inter-cultural even­t will help us learn from each other to find new ways towards health and well-being.

We would also like to offer new ways of thinking and sense-making from Peru – Latin America: a multicultural particular context, a diverse land filled with ancient wisdom, mostly poor, violent, corrupt yet beautiful, with the traditional arts still living and with a great variety of ways of healing. We invite the expressive arts community to join us in this effort.

We welcome proposals and workshops that reflect this critical topic from all teachers and practitioners of the expressive arts, from North and South America, and other parts of the globe.

Note: Proposal deadline has been extended to January 31, 2011
See attached Proposal Form and Flyer

Learn more at

2011_conference_proposal_form.doc <>

savethedateconference.pdf <>

10. World Music Day
Posted by: "Arena Stage" Arena Stage   art4development
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:43 pm (PST)

January 30, 2011 – 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater
To further explore this element of Middle Eastern culture, Arena Stage will host a free discussion between CBS News personality Sam Litzinger and The Arabian Nights actor and musician Ronnie Malley on the history of Middle Eastern music.

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater
1101 Sixth Street SW
Washington, DC, 20024

Phone: 202-488-3300
Fax: 202-479-9420