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Arab Stages Volume One, Issue Two Now Online!


The free and open access Arab Stages is devoted to broadening international awareness and understanding of the theatre and performance cultures of the Arab-Islamic world and of its diaspora. 14 contributions including essays, short plays and reviews.

Articles include
Science Fiction in the Arab World: Tawfiq al-Hakim’s Voyage to Tomorrow (Rihlatun ilal-ghad) by Rani Bhargav
Tawfiq al-Hakim and the Social Responsibility of the Artist by Majeed Mohammed Midhin
Junūn: Poetics in the Discourse of Protest and Love by Rafika Zahrouni
Ritual and Myth in Dalia Basiouny’s Magic of Borolos by Amal Aly Mazhar
Staging the Self: Autobiography in the Theatre of Sa’dallah Wannous by Ali Souleman
The Arab Theatre Festival by Jaouad Radouan
France’s Théâtre d’al-Assifa: An Arab-based Alternative Theatre Model by Magdi Youssef
A Dramatic Anticipation of the Arab Spring and a Dramatic Reflection Upon It by Eiman Tunsi
Rania Khalil’s Flag Piece by Dalia Basiouny and Marvin Carlson
Excerpts from Jihad Against Violence: Oh ISIS Up Yours! by Fawzia Afzal-Khan
Alternative Dramaturgy for Jihad Against Violence: Oh ISIS Up Yours! by Fawzia Afzal-Khan, Nesrin Alrefaai, Katherine Mezur

ReOrient Theatre Festival 2015:
Bitterenders by Hannah Khalil
Lost Kingdom by Hassan Abdulrazzak
Picking Up The Scent by Yussef El Guindi
The House by Tala Manassah and Mona Mansour

And more