Press Release

NEW YORK, February 25, 2014—The first-ever award to rescue scholars in the arts from parts of the world where they are oppressed and denied freedom of expression was announced today by the Institute of International Education (IIE), one of the largest international exchange organizations in the world.
Established with gifts from IIE Trustees Robert L. Dilenschneider and Mark A. Angelson, the Janet Hennessey Dilenschneider Scholar Rescue Award in the Arts will provide life-saving fellowships to 10 threatened scholars in fields such as painting, dance, music, architecture, and the performing arts.
Candidates apply through IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund, which provides fellowships of up to $25,000. Each selected scholar is then placed at a host university, which matches the fellowship and provides a safe place for the scholar to continue to advance his or her work.
The Janet Hennessey Dilenschneider Scholar Rescue Award in the Arts becomes part of IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund, which over more than a decade has rescued 525 scholars from more than 50 countries.
“Scholars of the arts are among the most threatened during war and by oppressive regimes.  Ancient treasures and new works of art alike are being destroyed in conflict zones, especially in the Middle East and Africa,” said Mark A. Angelson, Chair of IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund.
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