American Post-Graduate Course at GITIS: Apply NOW!

"The International Foundation for Theatre Education and Research (IFTER) is pleased to announce the beginning of enrollment for the # year of the American Post-Graduate Program in Acting/Directing at GITIS, The Russian University for Theatre Arts, for the Fall of 2014 in Moscow Russia.

Carefully crafted for artists at the tip of a new theatre career, the American Course at GITIS brings actors, directors and designers together to crystallize their own craft and better understand the work of these other disciplines. Students will participate in intense practical work in acting and directing with master’s classes in design, all taught by some of Russia’s leading theatre masters. 

The American Course at GITIS is an eleven-week program for post-graduate acting and directing students. Students must choose and apply under either the directing course or acting course, but will work together in the classroom. All students will take courses in acting, directing and design, bringing all classes together to influence and inform their own art. A Certificate of Completion of Postgraduate Program is issued after completion of the course.

Classes will include directing, acting, design, dance, stage movement/combat, Biomechanics, theatre history and Russian language. The course is designed to give students advanced training in Russian theatre techniques (Stanislavsky, M. Chekhov, Meyerhold). Throughout the course, expert theatre masters will also guide students in applying and adapting these techniques to create modern theatre. In addition to classes, students will have the opportunity to take master’s classes with and sit in on the rehearsals of Moscow’s leading directors and to sample a wide variety of theatre in Moscow.

Tuition and housing for the eleven week course is $6,800 plus a one-time non-refundable $650 administration fee. Scholarships are available.

Applications are being accepted now through June 1, 2014. Apply by March 1, 2014 to save $100 on your administrative fee. It is to your advantage to apply early as we have a rolling acceptance process. More information and applications available at"