NJPAC's Alternate Routes Hip Hop Festival

Wednesday, Apr 1
Word Jam 4:00 PM

Thursday, Apr 2
Fresh Status 8:00 PM

Friday, Apr 3
Sacred Circle Café: Hip Hop Griots 8:00 PM
Late Night Open Mic 11:00 PM

Saturday, Apr 4
Hip Hop Project / Element
The Hip Hop Project  11:00 AM
The Other Side of Hip Hop: The Sixth Element 2:00 PM
Hip Hop Fundamentals 101 8:00 PM

From April 1-4, local, national and international hip hop artists will come together in Newark, NJ for the 2009 Alternate Routes Hip Hop Festival — four days of panels, performances and presentations by some of the most profound and promising urban artists. The Alternate Routes Hip Hop Festival will focus on artists who are activists and, therefore, committed to the artistic, cultural, economic, educational, political, and social concerns of their communities. We want to reflect how artists react to the issues and conditions of contemporary society. Also, come to have fun at open mics and informal gatherings!

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For more information, visit njpac.org or call 1-888-GO-NJPAC
NJPAC is located at One Center Street, Newark, NJ