Simon Parry and Jenny Hughes are working together on a new research project exploring activism and performance. They have set up a blog and twitter site which explains more –


We are inviting people to contribute to an online interactive blog called ‘Activist Performance’. This is an open-access, interactive forum for researchers, activists and artists which aims to share documentation of theatre and performance activism past and present.

We are responding to a century that has witnessed a proliferation of theatrical forms of activism, from the occupation of Seattle by an emergent global justice movement in 1999 to the more recent uprisings across the Arab world that led to a million citizens gathering in Tahrir Square in Cairo in 2011. Artists and performance groups have played an active role in protest events, drawing on bodies, text, image, movement as imaginative projections against the perceived order of things, and as tactical interventions and communicative tools.

This blog offers the idea of ‘gesture’ as an open-ended stimulus for contributors. Gestures of protest in recent times – camping, occupying, marching, striking, moving in cells (to avoid kettling for example), swarming, dancing, going in disguise, impersonating, playing, staging, chanting, networking, blogging, hacking, tweeting – carry traces of former activist modes, and extend the domains of activism from the public life of the street and the theatre stage, to the private domain of the mobile phone and laptop. 

The aims of the blog are to understand protest movements better, share ideas and stimulate ongoing research and activism. 

So – if this is of interest to you do follow us on twitter, look at the blog and email us to get access to the blog if you'd like to contribute.

Jenny and Simon


School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Room SL06, Martin Harris Centre


0044 (0) 161 275 3352