Acting Together on the World Stage: Setting the Scene for Peace / Actuando Juntos: Trabajando por la Paz en el Escenario Mundial Summary Report

From October 4-8, 2007, Coexistence International, the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence, and Theatre Without Borders convened a gathering of international theatre artists and coexistence scholar-practitioners. The gathering included a series of public events, including panels, open class sessions, workshops, and performances, which sought to demonstrate how performance can contribute to building relationships across difference. Read the summary report here.

Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle: Part II – Problem-Solving Workshops Summary Report

As part of Acting Together on the World Stage, six problem-solving workshops were held in which theatre artists, coexistence/peacebuilding practitioners, policymakers, and sustainable development workers met to think creatively about a problem in a particular community or conflict region. The groups generated action steps and recommendations that participants and others could act upon in order to improve inter-group relationships in a particular region, such as Serbia, Israel, the US, West Africa, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. Read the summary report of these workshops here.