3rd Annual La MaMa Umbria International Playwright Workshop 2009, July
30 – August 9, 2009.
This summer, join us in the beautiful Umbrian hills as Charles L. Mee,
Jr. facilitates a workshop for playwrights that will change the way
you think about making theatre. As Mr. Mee describes the process, “We
will be looking at what playwriting strategies and tricks we can steal
from the work of a visual artist, like Leonardo or Michelangelo or
Perugino or Pinturicchio. And, as part of that, we will take the
life's work of a single artist and, over the course of our workshop
days, make a piece together.” Among other awards, Mr. Mee is the
recipient of the gold medal for Lifetime Achievement in Drama from the
American Academy of Arts and Letters, and of the Richard B. Fisher
Award. For more information, go to www.lamama.org, click on “Italy” or
call (212) 254-6468.