The 2nd All Africa Dance Festival on Peace in Nairobi, Kenya



“Arts approaches” provide an accessible language, compelling processes
that affirm everyone’s creativity and, above all, an inclusive space
that enables healing, genuine dialogue and transformation to happen
particularly where the violent conflicts and pains are experienced by
masses of people".

Many African countries have been affected by conflicts leading to the
deaths of over seven million people in the last twenty years. Armed
Conflicts in Sudan, Rwanda , Burundi, Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda,
Liberia, Guinnea Bissau, Angola and Somalia have been the most
publicized at the international level but inter-ethnic conflicts are the
order of the day in most of the African countries including Kenya.

The result of these conflicts is bloodshed with millions of Africans been
resettled from their homes. There are still unresolved conflicts in
Somalia, Sudan , Uganda , Burundi , Congo , Chad and other countries .

The artists of these countries have a lesson to share in the use of the
arts to promote peace and healing while striving to prevent armed
conflicts in the future. Kenya is just overcoming a political conflict
that would have forced the country into anarchy seriously threatening
social order and security of the Eastern Africa region.

It is in view of this that, “The 2nd All Africa Dance Conference and
Festival” has been organized; scheduled to take place from 3rd to 5th
December 2010 at the Kenyatta International Conference Center ,down town
Nairobi in Kenya.

The conference/ festival will provide a rich, inclusive and challenging
forum for reflective practitioners to celebrate their creative richness;
critically and deeply engage; dream and act jointly in producing
alternative cultural and dance products and in shaping new narratives of
just peace. The festival will bring together over 2000
artistes, peace builders – including educators, dance artists, musicians,
development workers, community animators and cultural activists – from
Africa and other parts of the world who continue to apply various shades
of dance arts approaches in their social change work.

The festival in a symphony of contemporary dance will also celebrates the
creative work of the African continent. The All Africa Dance Festival is
an ‘all Africa dance event' where we shall dance, stamp and leap to the
rhythms of the cultural and contemporary dance in the heart of Africa!.

The event to be held from 3rd-5th December 2010 has confirmed dance groups
from Jamaica, Haiti, Sweden, Norway, Italy. Brazil, Nigeria, Mali and
Mozambique Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Netherlands,
Sudan,South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Britain, United States,
Canada, India among other countries.

The Festival is proud to welcome these phenomenal dance artists and
choreographers to Kenya and Africa. All the participating groups will
provide rich insight into contemporary dance styles and practices from
Africa and other parts of the world. Kenya will be represented by leading
dance groups such as Sarakasi, Safari Cats, Nameless, Wahu, Jua Cali,
Kanda King, Shangilia and Kenge Kenge, African Tumbas and Bomas of Kenya
Dancers and over 50 other groups.

Participation by dance groups from all over the world is absolutely
FREE!. Participating groups will however be required to meet the cost of
their flights, accommodation and meals. Ground transport and learning
materials will be provided by the festival. The festival regrets
that due to funding constraints, there will be no scholarships for dance
groups or choreographers and all the delegates are requested to seek
funding from other sources. Please visit for
potential support. The All Africa Dance Festival secretariat is willing
to provide support letters for those seeking funding for flights and
accommodation in Nairobi.

The conference and festival will also share skills in the use of dance to
promote peace and human understanding. Various topics of interest will be
addressed in these sessions include : Dance Choreography, Movements and
patterns creation, Dance Drama/ Dance Theatre, Dance Journalism, Dance
Production and presentation, The role of Community Dance, The language of
dance, Dance festival productions, Mime Dance and Story Development in
dance. Others are: The role of Indigenous dances in peace education,
Community Based Peace Education, Forgiveness & Healing using Dance,
Advocacy and Dialogue using Dance and Democratizing Africa using Dance are
just but some of the plenary topics that will be discussed during
conference and the workshops. The festival will host international and
local choreographers and peace builders that will make your experience
memorable and rewarding.

The Festival also promises a whole host of other treats, such as the “
peace drum project “ where dancers, video artists,, fashion designers
and choreographers will come together to create dance projects where the
winners will be awarded with USD 5000 for developing the best message
on peace using in three days .This competition artists will prove to be
one of the highlights of this years festival and there are plans to have
an Afric an continental dance competition next year.

This festival which amongst many other encounters of dancing feet, is
about peace in Africa and us all celebrating the hip sway and feet tap
of our own vibrant people and city and its dancing cultural life despite
the recent threats to Peace and human understanding– see you there!

Karibu Kenya, Hakuna Matata! Drums NOT Guns!

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Warmest Regards

Karegwa Muchiri

Festival Director

All Africa Dance Conference and Festival on Peace

Madonna House. 3rd Flr, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254-20-4452674/ 4450937