Res Artis began as a volunteer organisation in 1993 to address the need for face-to-face meetings of colleagues and to create a forum for the exchange of ideas in the emerging field of artist residencies.

While the number of residencies has grown exponentially since then and their programming has widely diversified, they still aim to promote artist exchanges between international and regional communities.

“Res Artis is proud to mark this momentous milestone, due in large part to the support and feedback we have received from a large number of cultural organisations and artists as well. As a worldwide network of artistic residencies we strive to continue increasing our programming and quality of our services which at the moment include the ResSupport Program; Res Artis Awards, Regional Meetings, Thematic Meetings, and, of course, our General Meetings. We look forward to another 20 years and the exciting developments in the fast-growing field of residencies” said Mario Caro, current president of the Board of Directors.

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1993-2013 What an incredible journey!
During the past 20 years, we have held 13 General Meetings  and 8 Regional Meetings in diverse countries around the globe in order to address the needs of the residency field.

Through our web site, we have established a reliable outlet for information about our members and have helped to provide thousands of artists with opportunities to meaningfully engage vibrant cultures and inspirational places. We have also generated multiple exchanges, encouraged discussions that have resulted in various publications, and have developed mentoring support programs for those entering the residency field. 

As we look forward, we plan to increase our programming to include more research that helps to more clearly define the field of residencies.

A key project is the identification of standards that will help organizations assess their work within a global scope. We will also continue to develop our relational mapping tool,  which allows the visualization of various existing relationships within the field, providing not only an actual  picture but also a vision of future possibilities for the world of art residencies.

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Save the date: May 11-15, 2014
Thematic meeting: Social Practice and Artist Residencies

The first Res Artis Thematic Meeting, hosted by ARTPORT TEL–AVIV—the new vision venture initiated by Jason Arison, chairman of The Ted Arison Family Foundation—will take place on May 11-15, 2014.

Art Residencies and Social Practice art have had parallel developments. Since the 1980s, art residencies have experienced an exponential growth, and their missions have diversified far beyond merely providing space and time for artists to create. Many residencies now focus on addressing social issues and often involve various communities in their activities. Similarly, social practice art has undergone various redefinitions during that time —from new genre art, to dialogic art, to relational aesthetics — and has become a more standardized practice. However, the intersection of social practice and art residencies has not been explicitly addressed.

The conference, as a collaboration between Res Artis and the ARTPORT residency, will attempt to bridge this gap by exploring the intersection of art, art residencies and social practices executed in both realms.

Here are some of the topics to be addressed in the upcoming conference:

  • What is the role of art residencies for socially engaged art today, and in the future?
  • What are the challenges, risks, and complications for residencies that host Social Practice? What defines “social” in the residency field (as opposed to the art world)?
  • Who supports residencies that promote work that is socially engaged?
  • Is a residency itself already a Social Practice?

Open call > Two internship positions in Amsterdam

Do you want to gain experience in the cultural field? Are you an enthusiastic and self-motivated person?

Res Artis is looking for interns who are interested in supporting our mission. We currently offer two internship positions for persons based in Amsterdam. Challenge yourself and become part of our team to assisst us in all our activities, from research,  international project development, marketing, and communication in the world of residencies. We are also looking for translators.
We invite you to apply now!

Thank you for your feedback > New website features

We want to thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how to improve our Website, Facebook Fan page and Newsletters. During the past months, we have created a survey that our users have filled with incredible enthusiasm! These comments and suggestions helped us to continue making our website more usable for all those who need to access the online information and resources from Res Artis, including artists, students, academics and cultural workers as well.

Some of the new implementations you will find during the following weeks are:

“Upcoming deadlines in the Public profile of the organisation” Now located just below the Contact information on the public profile organizational page, users can see the upcoming deadlines posted by each space.

“Stronger Upcoming Deadline search engine”
We are empowering our search engine by adding more filters, like country, deadlines, expenses paid by the organisation. This will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for,

“More resources in our Public Website”
We are increasing the amount of artists experiences at residential spaces as well as information about funding, networks, publications, bibliography and information portals on the residency field.

Meet some of the new 2013 members of our Network

The Bogliasco Foundation (Italy)
With a maximum capacity of sixteen persons, the Liguria Study Center provides an intimate setting for artistic and scholarly work. Small groups of eight to ten Fellows are carefully curated by the Foundation each semester, and Fellows may be accompanied by spouses/partners during their stay. Many people tell us that this unusual benefit decreases their worries about leaving home and increases their creativity and productivity during the residency.

Japans Cultureel Centrum (the Netherlands)
With a broad network in both countries we provide an intense contact with the citizens and the artistic field. Especially societal related projects are welcome to exchange cultural differences and to learn from eachothers background.

Grin City Collective (United States)
Grin City is one of only a few American artist residencies with a rural community focus. Collaboration is our mission: between artists and between art and the community. Residents participate in three afternoons a week of outreach into our rural town of 9,000. Outreach can include teaching children's classes, working in our market garden, or organizing a public performance.

Art centre "Pushkinskaya-10" (Russia)
The residency program at Art Centre Pushkinskaya-10 is unique in that it is based in a cultural centre that includes workshops, galleries, living quarters and exhibition and performance spaces. Artists will live and work in close proximity and will have access to exhibition and gallery spaces for presentations, round table discussions, seminars and the like. The Art Centre itself is centrally located in the heart of St. Petersburg.

Instituto Volusiano de Artes (Brazil)
Our mission is to organize cultural programs, artists residencies, art courses and public exhibitions. We believe all artistsand art lovers need new alternative places to develop their careers and studies, to talk about art, to enjoy, learn, teach and socialize.

Upcoming deadlines

Are you looking forward to have an artist-in-residence experience?

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