Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria

The next Res Artis Regional Meeting in Europe will be hosted on May 3-5, 2012 in Vienna, in a capital that is considered to belong to West Europe but historically is one of the focal points of Central Eastern Europe (CEE). Since the iron curtain between West and East Europe vanished, Vienna became the economic gate to CEE and the entry point to a world that was previously inaccessible for Western Europe. That is the reason for choosing “Residencies: Gates and Bridges” as the main theme of the RM in Vienna.

A residency often marks the first step for an artist to consciously encounter a different culture. A residency is also sometimes a means to look for one’s own roots by discovering the culture of the predecessors. Many artists living around the globe have ancestors in countries they have never seen before, because it is not possible for them to visit these parts of the world.

In this sense, a residency can be a significant tool to learn more about one’s own cultural identity. It has a kind of ‘gate function’ to one’s own self. Being in residency always means to bring one’s own cultural rucksack to another place, and to take back home another culture’s input; it is a cultural bridge building activity.

More on the conference content and the registration can be found in the next newsletter.

May 3-5, 2012…
Mark the date in your calendar.
We hope to see many of you in Vienna!

Call for Contribution, Res Artis Vienna Meeting

The organisers would appreciate two types of contributions from the members:

1.     "Moving moments" Here we look for reports on moments where the gate or bridge metaphor, as the main theme of the meeting, has come to life. Please nominate artists where you feel that this gate or bridge momentum visibly took place. The organisers will make a selection.

2.     "Case reports" Here we collect examples of co-operations between residencies. Please suggest contributions about direct co-operations between residencies in organising common events, common selection of guests, and any other type of informal co-operation in your practice.

Please submit your short proposal no later than November 30, 2011.
The organisers will make the selection, and notify the submitters by December 31, 2011.

Submit to:
Res Artis, Amsterdam


Variations : Alternative Residency Structures
Making Art at 14,000 feet in the sky

Colleen McLaughlin Barlow was embedded with engineers and astronomers for a month at the Canada France Hawai‘i Telescope Corporation on the big island of Hawai‘i.

·         What is it like to make art within a scientific community?

·         What art do astronomers and astrophysicists make?

·         Why was she there and who paid for it all?

·         And is
it true that making art at the top of a volcano with 60 percent less oxygen than at sea level leads to altered consciousness which can actually enhance the work?

Read more about her residency and the open house work-in-progress exhibition: here


RE-tooling RESIDENCIES. A closer Look at the Mobility of Art Professionals

The newest publication about residencies has just been released: ‘RE-tooling RESIDENCIES. A Closer Look at the Mobility of Art Professionals.’ In three parts (Practices, Sites, and Networks) the book serves as an analytical and practical investigation into the field of artist residencies as it applies to Eastern Europe. In this region, the institution of the artist residency is relatively new and is currently in search of legitimisation.

Can this provide a critical framework for the institution of artistic residencies in rest the world?


·         More information

·         Download the book in PDF format


New Residency: Campos de Gutiérrez, Medellín, Colombia

·         Where is it?
Campos de Gutiérrez is located in a 19th-century coffee plantation in the foothills of Medellín, Colombia in a natural reserve 25 minutes away from the downtown area.

·         What is it?
It is a residency program for artists that aims to promote cultural production and historical preservation. We provide artists with the necessary tools to make work while familiarizing them with the history of Colombia and its relationship to art through a collection of objects
and the house itself. In addition to the insightful house and the objects inside it, there is a lot of land with scenic native and secondary forests that make the place feel timeless and secluded. However, it is not far at all from the second most important city in Colombia.

·         What's going on?
We are building an online archive of photographs and manuscripts related to the past, present, and future of the Gutiérrez House and the city of Medellín. This will be available to the general public next year. Additionally, there are artists working on individual projects.

·         Campos de Gutiérrez on the Res Artis website



Meet our Emerging Members

Res Artis Emerging Membership is especially for those starting a residential arts program. Members could be starting from scratch or seeking to add a residency program to an existing organization.

Find out more: here

Res Artis has 45 Emerging Member organizations, meet a few of them:

·         Moulins de Paillard in France is housed in an 18th-century paper mill, created for artists by artists, 4000m2 of artists studios, rehearsal halls and housing in an inspiring natural environment.

·         Dongdong & Lulu Artist Residency in China offers international artists one of five resident locations in order to start their projects and interact with the local communities.

·         Dar Al-Ma’mun in Morocco focuses on art, literature and translation, dedicating itself to intercultural exchange for local, economic and social development.

Res Artis Residency Search Tool

Looking for a residency?  With our custom search tool, you can find a residency among our over 400 member organizations that is right for you.

·         Looking for a one-month sculpture residency in a rural setting that provides free housing?  We have 7.

·         How about a dance residency in the United States?  There are 10!

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